Thursday, February 12, 2009

Octopussy: My Take On It

While it's pretty obvious the cheese slipped off this broad's quesadilla about 12 kids ago, what is even more obvious is the need to strip her accomplice of his medical license.
Or is that just the obvious solution?
No. In pondering it further, wouldn't it make more sense for him to have to serve as a carefully supervised prison doctor and donate the lion's share of his salary to the care and feeding of Nadya Suleman's 14 kids he helped create?
Now she's hired a publicist and created a web site to help her beg for money from hapless do-gooders.
I can certainly see pitching in for a destitute mother who had multiple births naturally, but for this woman?
She and her quack of a doctor knew what they were risking and it didn't matter.
Trying to rear 14 kids in a dirty, cramped home without enough income or mental stability to rear even one kid is just not in the kids' best interest.
California needs to step in and find suitable homes for these poor little souls. Sure, that's a draconian measure, but when you consider this woman was insane enough to want that many kids without a whit of regard for the consequences of her choice, well, there you have it.
It's either that or some circus side-show, and I'm not sure America is quite crass enough to go for that option.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Noway in hell that crazy cunt should be allowed to raise anything, pets and plants included.

Anonymous said...

America is all about the crass, baby. You really want to kick start the economy? Organize a pay per view of Hamster Mom's kids in a cage match with the Duggar spawn.

nonnie9999 said...

she's one sick chick. she's a liar, too. if she hurt her back so badly in that hospital riot, how in the hell was she able to even walk around while she was knocked up? she's picking up kids with seemingly no pain, so why wasn't she prosecuted when she kept taking those worker's comp bucks? she lied about not taking state money. she lied about her parents--if they were so horrible, why is she still living in their house and allowing them to more or less raise her kids?

i knew someone like her who seemed to be constantly pregnant even though she couldn't afford the kids she already had (even though she has a husband). she delights in her kids' disabilities (mostly brought on because she should not have gotten pregnant in the first place), because it's good for her martyr complex. i saw the same thing in this freak. her eyes light up when she talks about her little boy's autism. it's her added "blessing." wtf? it's all about her, not her children. disabilities that will make it so much harder for them in life are just a few more things that will get her attention (and money from the government). she can be the poor single suffering mother.
one of the best things that can happen for the kids is for the talking heads on tv to ignore her. no more interviews, no more attention. let the state's children's services handle it.

zoe said...

This story has horrified me. The doctor involved should, at the very least, be sanctioned by the California Medical Board. The "mother"? I agree with you, Karen. She needs to be investigated by DCSS. And the children removed from her "care". Nope, no tip in that kitty. Ill be sending mine to Ennomouk.

Anonymous said...

I shared similar sentiments with a friend who is a social worker. The state needs to step in before these kids are screwed up for life. My friend who has a background in social worker told me that's not allowed unless there are reasonable allegations of abuse. Eff that. It's time for the Jack Bauer of social work to put a stop to this train wreck in the making.

bigsis said...

And while they're at it, they need to find out how the hell this freak was able to afford to have her lips plumped.

zoe said...

The same frickin' doctor implanted quads in a 49 year old Los Angeles woman. She is currently in the hospital.I take back the recommendation to sanction him. Jail him.

HelenWheels said...

This woman is batshit insane. Did you see her lips? She is trying to be Angelina Jolie. She had her nose done like her, too. Actually, she's trying to outdo Angelina.

That's pretty whacked enough. When I saw her interviewed I couldn't even take her complete disconnect from reality. Those kids need to be removed from her.

If they aren't, I would put money on it that w/in the next few years, one or more of those kids end up suffering the effects of Munchausen by Proxy. That woman is all about focusing attention on herself.

What a fucking freak.

Distributorcap said...

this woman is insane and ridiculous - and we are going to be paying for that army of kids for a long long time
and you know what - i fucking dont want to give her a nickel

and those kids should be taken away

Dusty said...

I agree w/Dr Monkey on this one.

And the doc shouldn't be allowed to keep his medical license.