Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time To Do Some Serious Stripping

Back in 2008, when sniveling Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Big Insurance)campaigned for John McCain, the Democrats should have stripped away his Homeland Security committee chairmanship and stuck him out in Siberia with the rest of the lily livered Blue Dog Republicrats.
Now he's siding with the GOP on health care reform, rather, he's siding with Connecticut's huge insurance corporations, proving once and for all he represents them, and not the citizens of Connecticut.
Oh sure, lots of Connecticans have voted for him over the years, but have they slipped him more than a million dollars in campaign booty like Big Insura has?
My Jewish friend and fellow blogger DistributorCap sent some of us an e-mail today, saying he wanted to stuff Lieberman (an Orthodox Jew) "with bacon and shrimp and drizzle Velveeta all over him and make Hadassah clean it up on the sabbath."
I replied, saying I wanted to re-attach his foreskin and force feed him pork chops in cream sauce.
We are so mean.
But what I really wanted to say was I hoped one day Lieberman would be thrown from office, then develop a chronic, itchy anal condition that his new, civilian health insurance company determined was pre-existing and therefore denied.
After all, he's an inflamed asshole, so it's not that far out of the question.

Like the teabaggers, we progressives have developed a taste for loudly demanding what we want. Our progressive elected officials told the Senate, no public option, no vote.
And suddenly, the dead public option came alive again.
Rep. Alan Grayson started publicly dissing the crooked GOP, and suddenly his campaign coffers began to rapidly fill.

Before the telephone company monopolies were broken up, we voters really had to watch how much long distance calling we did because it could get expensive really fast. Now we can afford to call Washington, DC and bitch to senators and congress reps all we want, so we do.

Bottom line, we can all afford to call Joe Lieberman's office in DC at (202) 224-4041 or fax him at (202) 224-9750 and tell him what a douchebag we think he is.
In fact, write him a fax with a broad, black Magic Marker and use up all his fax machine's toner.
Then we can call the Senate majority leader and our own state's senators and tell them what we think of Droopy Dawg Lieberman.


Distributorcap said...

mean - you aint seen nothing yet

of the 100 senators - i rank him dead last in slime, sleaze and corruption

nonnie9999 said...

holy joe mcliebercain doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks (other than the other members of his little menage a trois--capt underpants and lindseypoo). he loves attention, and he wants to believe that he's still relevant, so he does whatever he can to make sure a camera and microphone are following him around.

Fran said...

I tried calling his office & all the lines were jammed.

What an all time schmuck!

Is he so delusional that he thinks this give HIM power?

I can almost hear him getting kicked to the curb in 2012....the State of Connecticut really should not wait that long.