Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look at This Adorable Baby!

I think Panda bears are in the top three percent of adorable baby animals.
Look at his big biscuit paws and his pink spotted belly!
Pandas always look sweet and never seem menacing like other mean, dirty, stinky bears.
They say they are tiny as newborns, "about the size of a stick of butter."
Then they start developing fur and squawking in Panda baby talk and they are almost unbearably cute.
I think life must be easy street for Pandas.
Everyone loves them and they never get any bad press. You never hear of a Panda running amok and scaring the hell out of anyone. They don't even eat meat.
I tell you what...
If I acquired a baby Panda bear as a pet, a lot of you Bloggy friends would fly to San Antonio just to pet the little guy. And I think I'd name him Evan, for reasons many of you will understand.
I would dress him up and take him out for eucalyptus leaves and Smart water. And I'd get him a little red baseball cap to wear.
Puppies and kittens are cute, but they grow up to be dogs and cats. A baby Panda grows up to be an adorable big Panda. They never go through an ugly phase.


Iain said...

They may be endangered and slaves to a terrible diet, but yes, completely adorable.

Distributorcap said...

i would adopt a panda but the coop board has a thing about dropping poop in the garbage chute

frankly even mean big black bears are cute..

the only non cute grizzly is Sarah Palin -- she is just a modern day version of Linda Lovelace

Karen Zipdrive said...

If I had a Panda, I'd invent all sorts of new recipes for eucalyptus leaves-- like puddings, stir fries, sorbet and a tasty beverage.
Other grown bears scare the hell out of me. They can chase you down and literally chew your head off.
All baby bears are cute, but only Pandas retain their sweet little looks as adults.
I bet their big paws are soft like down.

bigsis said...

The black and white fur adds to their lovability, like it would be fun to play with them. My little Boston terrier is older now but that black and white coat makes (almost) everyone want to hug her.

KarenZipdrive said...

Your little Boston Terrier is the cutest little dog in the world, because she has a terrific sense of humor and she begrudgingly behaves herself like a little lady.
But she did flunk out of Puppy Pre-K for "having issues with authority."

nonnie9999 said...

if you get a panda, you need to get him a lot of different hats beside the red baseball cap. if it's a girl panda, she'll need a pink cowgirl hat. either sex would need a pagliacci-style hat with different colored pompoms. and a bunny hat!! how cute would pink ears look with that pink belly? he'd look like a giant bunny rabbit! of course, he'd need an easter bonnet and a santa hat as well as hats for all the other holidays. he would be more fun than a barbie doll!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what a fully grown panda smells like.

Just sayin'