Monday, August 30, 2010

Tambourines Should Be Discontinued.

The last time the sound of a tambourine sounded good was when Janis Joplin was the one shaking it.
The one hit wonder, "Green Tambourine" was simply obnoxious.
I see no reason why anyone would think a tambourine would improve the quality of any song.
Sure, it's the last bastion of unmusical people trying to find a way to perform, but the public should not be subjected to such a tinny racket just to appease a wannabe performer.
Some may argue that a kazoo is in the same category as the tambourine, but that's untrue. Any person who can sing in tune can create some very nice music with a kazoo.
I'd say the bagpipes or a diggerydoo run close seconds to the tambourine, but you rarely hear those instruments being played, so they are slightly more tolerable.
Does anyone reading this agree that the world would be a better place without tambourines? If you actually like the sound, please defend your position in the comments section.
Thank you.


puddy said...

i just think the tambourine is a victim of neglect - not unlike the airline industry.

the idea isn't the problem, the lack of progress is.

we need a newly renovated tambourine. throw in some pickups and a distortion pedal... and voila! The Electric Tambourine.

now... violas are a whole 'nother problem.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hey...a well played viola is a beautiful thing.
And an electric tambourine would just amplify the horrid noise it makes.

Anonymous said...

George Bizet is squirming in his grave, Zip! I can't even begin to imagine Carmen dancing the seguedilla without castanets AND a tambourine!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Okay, you may have a sliver of a point about Carmen, but I bet you really had to dig for it.

bigsis said...

Its when someone dances around arrhythmically while slapping the tambourine that upsets me. Its very monkeyish, and not in a funny, good way. In fact, only monkeys should be allowed to "play" the tambourine because the sound blends well with monkey screams.

nonnie9999 said...

if not for tambourines, then there would never have been the song, hey mr. tambourine man, and i like that song.

Matty Boy said...

If you watch Standing In The Shadows of Motown, you will hear the difference in Ain't Too Proud To Beg with and without tambourine. It's shocking how much better it gets when the tambourine is added.

Lulu Maude said...

I like tambourines.

South Austin Viceroy said...

My cat's name is Tambourine and she loves the Partridge Family when its on the teevee. Of course, she gets scared and hides under the bed when every she hears "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha."

My cat also loves Stevie Nicks because she has lots of songs with tambourines.

My cat hates Abba and all Real Housewives of whatthehell wherever. I really like my cat.

squatlo said...

You're right, it's a pretty worthless instrument... but I do remember a 19 year old Stevie Nicks bounding around the stage with Fleetwood Mac shaking her tambourine, and at the time I thought it was wonderful!

Jerry Melton said...

On stage the tambourine is just something for the lead singer to tear up, kind of like a cat toy. Another kick ass song with it is Wait by the Fabs. My loathing is much more specific: a guy showing up for an audution with a Marshal stack and a Kramer guitar. Oh please play it on 11!