Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blog Salad™

I got nothing.
So it's time to whip up a Blog Salad™ for everyone to sample.
• If a woman buys more than one pair of shoes per month, is that wrong?
• There's a photo going around the Internet with a photo of Johnnie Cochran's tombstone that says, "OJ DID IT." Have you seen it? I think that was a great use of the site Tombstone Generator @ http://www.jjchandler.com/tombstone/
• I pay my bills online and inadvertently overlooked paying my Chase Platinum card, resulting in my being late by two weeks. Those bastards jacked up my interest rate from less than 10% to 29.49%. Can you say "balance transfer"?
• If Bush was elected to serve the people and this new bankruptcy law benefits credit card companies at the peril of the consumer, who is Bush truly serving?
• I think Brad Pitt was shtupping Angelina Jolie all along. She's a siren, that's why.
• My cat James is very lonely without a companion cat. I may get a kitten but I'll need a male name, preferably one syllable. Any ideas?
• If someone winks at you, do you consider that a sexual innuendo?
• I was watching Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" on Showtime last night and they did a show on circumcision. Did anyone see that? It was more than I ever needed to know about foreskins.
• Is it just me or is David Spade a little creep?

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