Thursday, April 21, 2005

Survivor Tonight!

Cat claws!
Katie: thinks she's all that.
Janu: Tired and pissed and she hates Katie.
Katie likes to maintain her composure when she picks on hotheads. She is evil.
Reward Challenge: Build a water tower- get your flag off the top.
Tom, Gregg, Janu and Caryn compete against Ian, Stephenie, Katie and Jenn.
T, G, J and C will win. Janu will get off her ass and perform well in the challenge.
Reward: a feast with corny Palauan dancing. Beer, beer, beer! Careful, Tom.
Immunity: first person to bail on the challenge is exiled to an island by herself.
If we all love Stephenie best, who's the best one to get exiled? Yep- Jenn. Buh bye.
That drunk bastard Tom.
Hey look! Jenn's back to vote.
The boot? Janu.
She left a long, long time ago as it is. See ya, wouldn't wanna be you!

Now, what about The Apprentice?
Time for Craig to go. He's an ass.

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