Monday, April 04, 2005

The L Word: L is for Lousy

I think the producers of the L Word spent all their second season budget on writers for the first show of the season.
Since then, the plot lines are embarrassing to real lesbians.
For instance, no pregnant lesbian I know would go down or let someone go down on them outdoors on a chaise lounge while toddlers are in the next room.
That's just sick.
Another example of the silliness: Dana and Alice got together and their merger was announced under a spotlight at a club? If they did that in real clubs, there'd be no time for anything else.
One more thing. If Bette is such an arbiter of fine art, what was she doing slobbering over that woman's crappy looking glass ornaments? Can you say Dollar Store?
And don't get me started on Jenny being Sandra Heartburn's "most gifted student." For God's sake.

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