Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mind Warp

I can't wrap my mind around The L Word episode this time. Can someone else explain it?
That Love Boat theme was carried a bit too far if you ask me. Where would they get a tiny little captain's uniform for Dana? I mean, come on.
And Ossie Davis- that was sad to think it was probably his last role.
Shane needs to practice her fake slugs- that one didn't read well and the prolonged silence afterwards didn't have the desired effect.
Besides, if I had a male roomate who admitted to secretly videotaping me, I'd have called the cops and pressed charges.
And Jenny? Too many games. Even Shane thinks she's weird. I could have done without her Jewish heritage video, too.
All in all, a typical, poorly written episode.

In other news...
Fiesta finally ended this weekend in San Antonio.
My last day of it was marred by that same woman who wore the outdated poncho to the Academy Awards party. This time, we spotted her dancing in the parade, wearing a white Lycra mini skirt, with tight bikinis underneath that exposed a spare tire of the innertube variety. Women who weigh more than 225 should avoid four things:
1. mini skirts
2. Lycra
3. tight bikini underwear
4. dancing in that costume in a public parade
My eyes still hurt from the pain of seeing it. Ghastly.

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