Monday, April 11, 2005

Now It's Good Again

The L Word finally found its stride again last night.
I loved that the gang snubbed the housewarming party of that snippy bitch Helena and opted to visit Bette instead.
And could it be that nasty boy video roommate Mark will soften so much with love for Shane, he'll skip exploiting her and Jenny with his plans for a Dykes Gone Wild video? He may, but his dorky friend won't.
And that chef ex of Dana's is back...hmm, we always did kinda like her.
So, Shane seems to love Carmen after all. Seeing Shane in a confessional was just to far to the left of being totally absurd. As if.
And pregnancy must make women crazy with horn. Tina hasn't noticed yet that Helena only seems to be able to get it up in front of others, or at least with the chance of getting caught. Ick. Helena makes Bette look like Mother Theresa.
Best news yet: The previews show Ivan is back. Yay! I miss himher.
Your thoughts?

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