Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah

I've been trying to grasp who's doing what to whom in this latest Middle East cat fight, but one thing seems for sure--Israel is pounding the crap out of Lebanon, trying to rid the Hezbollah of missiles.
I'm no expert, and unlike these Clyde-types, I don't rush to partisan talking points to see how I should think, but I can't help but feel George W. Bush has ripped open the cages of all these 13th century cockroaches, and in the process started a global jihad.
The Middle East, including Israel, seem to love war more than peace. Didn't Bush learn that from his father?
Besides, any country, sect or militia stupid enough to fuck with Israel must lack even basic history books in their schools.
I hope Bush has the sense to let them settle it themselves instead of sending in that shrill seahag Condi Rice. So far, I have yet to see her brokering even a scintilla of peace, anywhere.
But then, she isn't about peace. She's about the American petroleum industry.
Just like her dumb ass boss.
Heaven help us...or better still, they should send in America's best peacemaker, Jimmie Carter.


Holly in Cincinnati said...

DON'T send Jimmy Carter - he's awful on this issue.

Lulu Maude said...

What's happened recently is reflective of the long held notion that Israel shouldn't exist. It's the fulfillment of a Biblical mandate, maybe, but at the expense of the Palestinian people. Europe and the U.S. have been diddling with the Mideast since the early 20th Century. It's a mess of our own making and of theirs, too.

How are you on the subject of God's Chosen People?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Carter receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his life-long efforts to promote global peace. I think he'd be a great selection, especially when compared to Rice.
How am I on the subject of God's chosen people?
Well, since I neither own nor read the Bible, I think God chose ALL the people he created.
The Middle East just proves that too much organized religion creates strife and fanaticism.

BigSis said...

Back when Jimmy was biking around keeping the peace, seems like even the craziest of the middle east leaders weren't nearly as crazy as they are now. No, Jimmy was good, but Jimmy's time has passed.

If we could reach back, I'm sorry to say that I think we need a nut job like Nixon. No one knew what that crazy bastard would do next so they tended to avoid getting into it with the U.S.

In the alternative, I think Bush should go himself and force shoulder rubs on them to calm them all down.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bush only rubs the ladies' shoulders. There are no women in power in the Middle East.

Karen Zipdrive said...

When I think of how much I detested Nixon back in the day, I realize that compared to Bush, Nixon was a statesman, a gentleman and a scholar.