Monday, July 10, 2006

Okay, I'll Admit It...
I've Had it and I Need Your Help.

I hate AOL.
For the last five or six years I've tolerated it because I got their service for free.
I was what was called "a community leader," which means I used to monitor message boards to make sure nobody used the word 'fuck.'
Last year, they discontinued the community leader program and they sent me an e-mail saying they'd give me one more free year as a thank you.
The free year expired in June, then they automatically deducted $30 from my checking account on July 1. No notice, except for that one last year. Thirty bucks??
Now the whole program is cattywampus.
It frequently crashes, the AOL Computer Check-up doesn't work, and now when I open a window, the top part hides under the AOL menu so I have to take Herculean efforts to close it.
I contacted a simpering Tech Support person last night who kept thanking me for my patience- as if I had any. It took 15 minutes just to communicate the problem to her.
Naturally, she gave me some bullshit solution that required me to log off before it would work.
I did and it didn't.
Then she sent me an e-mail, suggesting other alternatives in case her bullshit solution #1 failed to work.
They too failed to work.
The only remaining solution is to reinstall the software, which is tantamount to trying to teach me how to rewire my home or drop my car transmission.
I am seriously considering jumping ship and I think my phone service, AT&T, offers a broadband service ( I now have AOL dial-up) for less cost than basic AOL. They already handle my home phone and cell phone accounts, so I am leaning toward them for the convenience of having three bills with one company.

Do any of you have AT&T broadband, and if so, are you satisfied with it?
What other ISP's might you recommend?
I don't want anything connected with Roadrunner or Time Warner cable.
I don't want to pay any exorbitant fees for connecting me to high speed service. I think AT&T provides that at no cost.

Help a sister out here, please.
Tell us your tales of woe about AOL.
Then help me stick it to them.

13 comments: said...

we use qwest DSL with Mozilla Firefox...FAR superior and more fun to use than Microshaft and cable...

A. said...

i don't have at&t, but i'm a fan of DSL over cable and especially AOL.

it seems like you should be able to get some sort of discount for having all three services with at&t, eh?

anyway, good luck, and break free from aol!

robyn said...

Considering how quickly AT&T handed over our data to the government, you may want to try another provider.

Karen Zipdrive said...

AT&T is the same as the rest of those telecommunications bastards.
Unless I want to pay three times more for some politically correct company's service(s), it's just easier to bite the bullet.
I recycle and hand-water-only, I'm doing my part.

Shelley said...

When I decided to lose dial-up about 2 years ago, Verizon (my local and long-distance phone carrier) was offering a great deal on DSL, so I decided to give it a shot. Getting it set up was a bit of a hassle since I have a Mac and none of their tech-support people seemed to have much of a clue about that, but once I got set up, it has been smooth sailing. I highly recommend it. I don't have cable, so broadband isn't an option for me. Godd luck with whatever you choose.

Sue S. said...

If you do it, I'll do it. I hate those AOL mofos.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think I meant AT&T DSL, not broadband. I know B.B. is supposed to be faster, but after years of dial-up, I won't notice the difference.

Lulu Maude said...

The nice thing about AT&T is that it's unionized, so you are supporting a company that doesn't screw its employees (at least as much as the non-union employers do).

It's hard to shake aol... sort of like leaving Scientology.

Still worth doing. I've loathed aol for years. When I've used it at friends' houses it's crashed regularly, and for years.

Good luck with the break up. It's also going to be like MARRIED TO THE MOB.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I like union shops, and there are very few of them in Texas.
Another thing I like about AT&T is they actually look into cutting your bill when you call them for any reason.
Last time I called an AT&T rep for another matter, she lopped about six bucks off my bill.
I already use them for my cell and home phone, I'm leaning toward them for expedience if nothing else.

dusty said...

First off..LMAO you monitored for the use of the f-bomb? YOU?

Remember AT&T's motto: We deliver your world...

To the NSA.

Just saying...

Holly in Cincinnati said...

I am happy with Earthlink. I went form dial-up to cable broadband within the last year and (even though it's run through TWC by Earthlink) I'm really happy with everything except the monthly cost.

kimberly said...


Karen Zipdrive said...

Yeah Dusty, I monitored those fucking Laker fans talking about their fucked-up team. :D

As for the NSA thing- we are being spied upon because we have a fascist running things and a media that supports him.

If I botcotted every company playing ball with BushCo, I'd have to grow my own wheat to make my own bread, and communicate with friends using two tin cans and a length of string.

But seriously, I do appreciate everyone's input. XOX