Friday, July 21, 2006

Veto THIS.

If Bush is so worried about 'human life' that he used his first veto ever to cancel federal funding for stem cell research, you gotta wonder...
Is this the same guy who broke all records for executions when he was Governor of Texas?
Is he the same Bush who casually estimates civilian deaths in Iraq at, "Say, I'd guess about 30,000" ?
Either human life is sacred or it's not.
Once again, Bush proves that his ignorance of science, popular opinion and fact is trumped by his delusional religiosity.
My higher power wants to kick his higher power's ass.


Lulu Maude said...

Yeah... his concern for human life ends at birth.

If there were an International Irony Association he'd be named as supplier of the year for his entire term of office.

CLD said...

Do you think he really subscribes to this whole religious right-to-life crap? Or is he still trying to pander to what he thinks is his base? I honestly can't believe he's any more religious than my cat.

CLD said...

At least my cat has this zen quality about him...

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Bush clings to the religion whose donors have been most generous with him.
If the Jews donated as much to his political ambitions as the radical Christian right, we'd have troops in Lebanon right now, helping Israel mow down everyone is sight.
I don't think Bush cares about much of anything except for power and his delusions of grandeur.
Christianity is just a fence he hides behind so he doesn't have to discuss his cocaine use, his drunkeness, his illegal business transactions or the rest of his crooked, meaningless life.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think anyone who still believes that Bush is a sincere person OR a competent leader is, simply put, a fucking clueless nitwit.

Karen Zipdrive said...

All this 'killing babies to get the stem cells needed for research' shit shows BushCo's mastery at telling outlandish lies.
When a woman goes in for invitro fertilization, they extract several eggs. If they extract 10 eggs, chances are she won't want to store more than a few of the extras after she conceives.
Those microscopic, leftover pieces of goo would provide millions of specimens suitable for use in stem cell research.
If the woman declines to keep them and they are disposed of, there would be no charges pending against her for murder, would there?
Of course not.

This is how they do it.
They use inflammatory language to ignite the fuses of the ignorant and/or religious fanatics who deny Darwin's scientific theories in favor of the Bible.

BigSis said...

The R's are turning on each other like dogs on this stem cell business, so let's keep this wedge issue going.

Next time you're around a bunch of R's just mention it and see how they go at it. If they all happen to agree, you can stir the pot by dropping St. Ronald Reagan's name.

Its fun, like watching the fists fly after you ask a family of Irish boys "which one of you is the toughest?"