Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let Me See if I Got This Straight

AP: "North Korea launched five test missiles on Tuesday within minutes of the space shuttle Discovery liftoff. Despite warnings from the United States and Japan, North Korea fired a long-range missile called the Taepodong-2, which is capable of reaching the United States. North Korea also set off four shorter range missiles able to target South Korea and Japan. All five of the fired missiles fell into the sea of Japan.

"The Bush Administration classified the North Korean missile exercise as "provocative," but not an immediate threat. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley told reporters that President Bush was not surprised by the tests "because we've seen this coming for a while..."


Isn't that kind of a wimpy word to use on a country that tested nukes which could reach the shores of America?

Bush thought Iraq's nonexistent WMD's were "an imminent threat," yet an enemy nation actually testing their nukes is merely provocative?

Bush has propelled us into an insane nation. Up is down, black is white, threats aren't real, pretense is a's hard to keep up.

Yesterday, Ken Lay made a wise career decision. May Bush soon emulate his good pal, Kenny Boy.


dusty said...

Oh yeah..kenny is at the gates of hell..and its damn hot, just like those summers in texas..but he won't be getting any air conditioning..

The whole Korean missle crisis thing is scaring the bejeezuz out of me..seriously. said...

the news reports say Lay Aspen...when he bought it. no doubt he was staying at one of the many houses his larceny helped to pay for.

Lulu Maude said...

I'd prefer to see Dick Cheney fulfill his coronary potential.

BigSis said...

Maybe America the bully only goes after oil rich wimps that can't hit back. Bush has just about drained the US of any credibility. Once he totally drains us I guess No Korea will come at us with full force.

Karen Zipdrive said...

North Korea is Moe, treating Bush like Larry, while the hapless U.S. (aka Curly), watches from an unsafe distance.

dusty said...

Hey hear the news about Tommy's district? The GOP has to run DeLay or no one..judge just ruled :p said...'re RIGHT...Bush only goes after countries that can't mount an adequate defence...we invaded Iraq for FAR less 'provocation.'

that makes us bullies.

methinks Chimp is reenacting his antics from when he was a child.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Wouldn't this have been a good time for Bush to test the nation's anti ballistic missile system and shoot down the long-range Typo-dong missile the North Koreans test fired?
I shudder to think why Bush didn't try it. I mean, what if it failed?
More trillions in defense dollars down the drain.