Sunday, July 23, 2006

You Go, Lieutenant Watada

Army First Lt. Ehren Watada has refused to be deployed to Iraq.
From the NY Times: "On Jan. 25, “with deep regret,” he delivered a passionate two-page letter to his brigade commander, Col. Stephen J. Townsend, asking to resign his commission.

“Simply put, I am wholeheartedly opposed to the continued war in Iraq, the deception used to wage this war, and the lawlessness that has pervaded every aspect of our civilian leadership,” Lieutenant Watada wrote..."

I applaud his stand and support his courage in answering to a higher power than this administration of conniving draft dodgers who started this unwinnable, illegal war.

If there's a legal defense fund for Lt. Watada, I'd like to contribute to it. May he be among the first of millions of military members who say no to deployment to Iraq.

All this talk the Christian right-wing radical fundamentalist warmongers spouts off about patriotism is just talk. Saying no to an order that defies the laws of the land is an act of patriotism of the highest order.

God Bless Lt. Watada, and God Bless America.


BigSis said...

Hey, I left tons of comments but it didn't publish, dang! I'll try again later.

CLD said...

Amen. Let's hope his courage inspires others to do the same.

dusty said...

I want to know how many of the rightwing nutjobs are signing up to do a tour or two in Iraq? Let them put their money where they piehole is.