Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Project Runway!

Tonight was a model & dog show, with all my favorite kinds of little dogs on the runway.
Keith the sociopath chose one of those odd, hairless dogs with the big mane. So arrogant was he, he thought Morgan the dog needed only a gold braided collar... which he didn't even make himself.
The loser was Katherine, the messy little tomboy who did a cute green and gold hoodie for the dog, but a rather shabby, yet plain sort of green sleeveless dress.
Angela, the one who looks like my sister's first girlfriend, made a trashy streetwalker skirt and top that almost got her knocked off, but Katherine's bland dress saved her.
So far I hate Keith for his arrogance, Vincent for his nebbishness and Jeffrey for trying to be the bad boy but whose chin is too weak to pull it off.
The design front-runners tonight in my opinion were Laura the uptight, dog hating architect, Kayne the Oklahoma queen and Uli, the skinny kraut woman who won the competition.

Oooh, next week someone is going to be kicked off for cheating.


dusty said...

I love this! I was down in the bar, afterall...I am in Vegas for our yearly sojourn. I can't wait to get home and watch it, you make it sound so fucking good!

BigSis said...

Hey, Alison Kelly would have won if she'd put a little color into her design. She's really cute, her designs are great and she obviously loved her little doggie model. She should have won. She's highly underrated because she's normal.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Uli won because her doggie had the coolest outfit on.
Allison did do a good job but the white was too bland against the doggie's fur.
She is not only normal, she's sweet. Poison on that show.