Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Latest Wrinkle

Hmm. I think someone got back to the DWP and told her I was about to bail out because of her.
She continues to be nice and has treated me like a professional all week.
There was a letter of praise for my performance from a very heavy hitter in our community that came in today's mail. DWP wanted me to reprint it in the magazine.
I told her absolutely not-- journalists should NEVER give the impression of self aggrandizement. She insisted. I said, "Sorry, it ain't gonna happen."
She said she'd kick the idea upstairs. I said it still ain't gonna happen.
Last night at the "big event," she saw a lot of VIP types hugging me and beaming when they saw me. I can't help it, I'm sort of charming when I want to be.
I think she might realize that running me off would reflect poorly on her.
Today I feel very pleased with her change of attitude. But I'm not an idiot and I have no plans to drop my guard. I'm just praying this streak holds up.
Here's a pic of my beloved cat James. It has nothing to do with this posting, he's just a darling boy and he deserves some publicity.


dguzman said...

Zip--the calm before the storm, maybe? But your obvious charm with the VIPs must've had a good effect.

Your kitty is marvelous.

shelley said...

He really is gorgeous, and he looks soooooo soft.

As for the DWP, she's afraid you might want her job, and she knows you'd get it if you wanted it. Now she's just angling to stay (get) in your good graces so that maybe you'll hire her when you're the boss.

Distributorcap said...

i worked for a DWP several years back --- i have to post about what i did to her..might give you some ideas

as for James -- love him
should introduce him to my George -- who is doing so much better post-surgery.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I find your wisdom to keep your guard up to be the perfect solution, and if you really need this job or an in to the next one, keep it up. However, I must say, that over time, this will work your last royal nerve, so get out and in a better position as soon as you can. I do not trust DWP's urging you to publish HER letter about how great you are. She is setting you up, I SWEAR!!!!
Kind regards,

karenzipdrive said...

No, no, no, DWP didn't write the letter of praise, someone who heads up the largest company of its kind in the region wrote the letter.
And DWP knows I don't want her job. Nobody would want an ass-kissing job like hers.

james said...

Mama I didn't ask for my picture to be in your blog. Please do not link me with your cruddy boss, she hates cats.
-James S. Zipdrive,

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Dear James,

Mama needed something redemptive for her post. Tag, you're it.

You're adorable.


Anonymous said...

Zip, please listen to pursey. This is a setup. DWP is trying to get you to drop your guard and then she'll pounce. Stay with the aloof yet professional routine and DO NOT take the bait. I smell a rat and so does James.

karenzipdrive said...

James would run screaming from the room if he smelled anything alive.
He is not a hunter. A bug could crawl over his foot and he'd pretend not to notice it.