Monday, August 13, 2007

Okay, okay, Jeff-- Here's the Money & I'll Leave Quietly

Karl Rove, the gayish BFF of Bush 43 has suddenly decided to leave the White House Dirty Tricks Department to --uhh-- "spend more time with his family."
Yeah, right, a boy really needs his daddy the most once he's off to college.
Oh wait, Rove's leaving because Josh Bolten said anyone who plans to leave the Bush administration before his term expires "must do so before Labor Day."
What? Bolten's such a hard-ass that nobody's allowed to quit after Labor Day? Are you fucking kidding me? What's Bolten gonna do to those who leave after Labor Day, ruin their reputations? Ha!

Since Bush 43 managed to break every law in the book to keep Fat Ass Karl from testifying under oath to the Congress about his roles in outing Valerie Plame and telling Beto Gonzales who to fire, we can more or less rule out Rove bailing just before those particular indictments hit. So...what must his true reason be?

Well, with almost 100 visits to the White House under his belt and his 15 minutes of fame long since expired, my hunch is that gay hooker by night and amateur GOP journalist by day Jeff Gannon may have called his client Karl and told him he'd skip writing the tell-all book in exchange for a fat bag of cash.

And I think Karl must have gone to the secret White House closet of cash, skimmed off about $100k, put it in a Sak's 5th Avenue bag and met Gannon for one last ass-fuck and a goodbye kiss, leaving the bag o' cash behind. I just hope frazzled Karl thought to ask for the secret video tapes Gannon had of him pounding Karl's fat, pink ass.

Honestly, I think that's it.
So, I guess it's so long, you closet-case motherfucker.
Hate is such a strong emotion, so I save mine for evil pricks like you.


Dusty said...

The house dress had me biting a hole in my lip to keep from laughning.

Bravo KZ!

As for Rover, that bag of batshit can still be tried on something..I don't give a damn what it is. Notice no rethug worth his or her salt did a goodbye karl interview today.

karenzipdrive said...

In their joint announcement, Bush hugged him before whisking him off in the Presidential Whirlybird for a fun trip to Texas (in August?!).

Anonymous said...

Rove can always go to Dubai with Cheney and his Halliburton thug friends if things got too (criminally speaking) in the USA.

karenzipdrive said...

I'd like to drop off a shirt-less Rove and Cheney in the center of Baghdad with, "I fucked your sister" tattooed on their fat, white bellies... in whatever language they speak over there.

belledame222 said...

well, not just -anyone-; it's because Karl insisted on wearing white shoes all year and enough was simply ENOUGH.