Friday, October 05, 2007


bigsis said...

Now don't be so negative. There are other compounds that need sister-wives. You'll be fine.

Meanwhile maybe you should console yourself with a nice souvenir of Juniper Hills compound.

I think leaving behind a nice "Big Love" coffee mug would be tasteful and say it all as you depart.

karenzipdrive said...

Big Sis is referring to Shmutzy the Mormon.
Once just to mess with him I said I watched HBO's "Big Love" and except for the plural marriage part, they seemed like very upstanding, moral people.
I kept my earnest face on and he proceeded to tell me how LDS people really were very moral people.
Then I asked him how it was Mitt Romney played a liberal to get elected in Massachusetts and a now he's a conservative candidate for president.
Moral, my ass.
Check into any Mormon-owned Marriott Hotel and buy some in-room porn.