Monday, October 29, 2007

A Poem by W.H. Auden, adapted for my beloved mother

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message She Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

She was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

My mother passed away this morning, peacefully and without any pain.
I loved her more than words can describe. She was 94. She had a wonderful life, filled with love and laughter.
Please pray for her safe delivery.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss Karen. I'm glad to know that she had a great life, and I hope that thought makes the pain of the loss a little easier on your shoulders.

Lots of love,

lazydog said...

I am so sorry to read this. My sympathies to your and your family. *hugs*

Distributorcap said...

sorry for your matter how old or how wonderful a life it is never easy or expected

treasure her memory -- she sounds like a terrific person who raised a terrific daughter

CLD said...

Karen, my sympathies, my thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family.

I'm hugging you!

-- Chari / CLD

Robyn said...

Thanks for allowing us a glimpse of her through your blog. May the memories of your mother bring you and your family comfort.

Julien Sharp said...

Much love to you and your family...

dguzman said...

What a kind tribute, Karen. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hugs to you.

Dusty said...

Beautiful poem..and from what you have said about your mum, she was a beautiful human being with a wicked sense of humor, which you obviously inherited.

Karenzipdrive said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind words.
This morning before dawn I was awakened by the sound of a loud, persistent cardinal who was in the crepe myrtle tree outside my bedroom window.
I finally said, "Okay, Mama, I get it, I get it!"
She loved birds and I just know she was using this little loudbeak as a messenger, telling me she made it home safely.

Lulu Maude said...

Oh, Zippie, I am so very sorry. I still think of my own mama every day. There's no one like yr mama, especially when you have been ask lucky as you and I have.

I'm thinking of you.

stacey said...

My condolences and prayers are with you and your family. May she have a beautiful flight.

Elayne said...

My deepest condolences, Karen.

chapin said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. She sounded like a wicked kewl lady. Sending good thoughts your way.

deb said...

Oh, Karen, I'm so sorry! I know she will live forever in your memory and in your heart (and, visit you often through the birds at your window).

belledame222 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Peace and strength to you.

Lulu Maude said...

Zippie, I keep checking back here to see how you are doing.

I'm holding you close in my heart!


Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks again, friends.
Your kindness has been a more soothing balm that words can express.

Anonymous said...

I can never leave comments here, but I'm going to try again. I will never forget what you told me your mom said after sitting through the Broadway show CATS for about twenty minutes. "So, is this all they're going to do? Crawl around on the floor and meow like idiots?" We should all hope to live as long and as full as she did, Karen. You're in my thoughts.--Crazy Tracy

deb said...

Karen, This song has been in my mind for days now (ever since I discovered it). I play it over and over online. I sing along. For days, it has been playing an uplifting soundtrack behind other things going on in my life. I Wish You Joy (by Janice Ian)