Friday, October 26, 2007

The Long Nightmare is OVER!!!

Thank God, Schmutz finally figured out that he'd wrung out about as much work as he was going to get out of me, so he sent notice to my acting supervisor to let me know today would be my last day at work.
Yep- no more dreading having to show up until next Wednesday. I am free!!!
Though I felt like storming into the DWiP's office where she hid while I was packing my shit to leave, I resisted. However, just before I left I couldn't resist leaving a long stemmed black rose (someone had given me for Halloween) on the floor outside her office door.
She's a small town, superstitious Hispanic Catholic- that kind of shit really scares the bejeebers out of them.
Anyway- my aches and pains are gone, my brow is unknitted, the smile is back on my face and I am free, free, free.
Tonight, I'm invited to a party at a very cool Hindu psychiatrist's home. I met her while I was working there. She was vice chair of my publications committee.
I imagine every Hindu physician in town will be there, so I am already rehearsing the shtick I plan to do about the Mormon CEO and the repressed Catholic DWiP witch.

I am so relieved and happy!!!

Bye bye, you psycho bitch!


bigsis said...

I knew you'd grieve the loss of your cool job, but I didn't think the grieving would end on your drive home.

Time to reclaim your life. CONGRATS ZIPPY!

Karen Zipdrive said...


Julien Sharp said...

Great ending!!! Wish I could hear the schtick!

Distributorcap said...

is that DWiP.......
um the dress is a bit tight

Lulu Maude said...

IS that the DWiP?? (I want to reserve my EWWW for the actual person.)

karenzipdrive said...

No, it's not the actual DWiP, but it's what she'd look like if people actually looked like their personalities.
And I don't mean fat and oily- I mean people who project an image where humility would be infinitely more flattering.

Jane said...

What's next for you, Karen?

CLD said...

Aww. I wanted to believe that was the DWiP! The fact that she has to look like that on its own would be revenge enough.

dguzman said...

I liked the other psychic pic of DWiP even better -- such an accurate pic of the typical small-town-small-mind brujita.

Any good job prospects yet? Good luck; you'll land on your feet.

Dusty said...

Is that her dress or a girdle?

Did the bitch actually dress like that? Goodness..