Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Here's the latest in my rapidly dwindling saga at work.
By now, nearly everyone knows I gave notice because my boss The Devil Wears Payless was a bitch and the CEO Mr. Schmutz is too afraid to do anything about her tendency to run off employees. I was #10 and my colleague Carol was #11. Yes, the DWiP has run off 11 employees in only seven years.
Like me, Carol was in mid-management. I was the magazine editor, publications manager, graphic designer and chief copywriter and she was the marketing manager and events planner. Her job included planning and executing two major fundraisers a year-a winter formal gala and a spring golf tournament. She also led the scholarship committee and acted as the liaison between our company and the ladies' auxillary.
Between the two of us, we worked our asses off while the DWiP took all the credit.
It seems they've had a bit of a problem recruiting our replacements, so the DWiP came up with a brilliant plan that the cheapskate CEO apparently loved. She has a "friend" she wants to hire to replace both Carol and myself. Yes, she wants to roll two 45-50 hour a week jobs into one, presumably for the same salary either Carol or I got.
Carol, whose last day was today, and I howled with laughter at the different skill sets each job requires. Anyone who would sign up to do both would have to be too green to know the difference, meaning both departments will end up turning to shit in no time.
Meanwhile, the DWiP failed to debrief Carol even one iota about the status of the upcoming December gala. And needless to say, the DWiP hasn't asked me a thing about upcoming magazine issues because we haven't spoken since late September.
I hope the woman the DWiP has recommended for the double decker job can hit the ground running, without any questions or need for guidance.
But gee, think of all the money the CEO will be saving!
His Christmas bonus will be huge.
Good. He'll need it for medication once he realizes he let the DWiP run an entire department into the ground and he has to answer to 4,000 pissed off members.


Jane said...

Just wait for the stress claim!

karenzipdrive said...

Woo! Today the CEO asked the IT guy to make my hard drive and e-mail account available for viewing by his Operations Manager.
Luckily, the Ops. Mgr. and I are in total cahoots, not to mention that I've spend the last two days scrubbing my files and deleting the ones I don't want seen.
And the IT guy assured me he doesn't know how to retrieve deleted files.
I believe him--he barely knows how to retrieve saved files.

lazydog said...

Wow... good foresight. If I knew that I would be leaving someplace I would totally clean everything out too.

karenzipdrive said...

Well, with only four days to go I think they were totally stupid not to commandeer my PC files and
e-mail account four weeks ago.
I think someone must have said something to the CEO that egged on his paranoia. Even without my scrubbing the files, I kept nothing on my work PC that would have been news to him.

bigsis said...

I can't believe they let you use their equipment that long. Under your same circumstances, where I work they immediately send two of the agency's Investigators (cops) to one's office and they stand there watching you while you pack your pathetic belongings into a max of two boxes. You can't touch your computer or any other state equipment/material, you just pack and go. Even if its just a simple firing for being lazy, they treat you like you've been harboring bin Ladin. Other employees seeing this feel the way cows must feel when their friends are pulled from the herd for slaughter.

dguzman said...

Way to think ahead, Zip.