Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh No You Dihn't, Hillary

Yeah, yeah, we've all heard that Hillary more or less implied that she needs to stay in the race in case Obama gets shot.
All the shock and outrage belies the fact that popular Democratic leaders get shot in America. JFK, RFK, MLK all got shot back when Hillary was cutting her political teeth.
Things have changed since those guys got shot.
We have more guns and more people now, which equals more nuts with guns who hate Blacks, women, immigrants, non-Christians and anyone else who's not like them.
I've been saying all along that I am concerned that Sen. Obama stands a better than average risk of being assassinated because he's Black.
Does that mean I want him to be shot? Hell, no.
It simply means I've been around long enough to see what happens when a non-traditional American tries to ascend to a position of power.
Hell, Hillary stands just as strong a chance of getting shot as Obama, but that doesn't mean John Edwards needed to stay in the race just in case.

Here's the deal.
Hillary has shown great tenacity, amazing fortitude and more guts than I would have expected of her in running this race.
But damn, girl, you gotta quit now.
It's not because you more or less implied that you need to stay in the race in case Obama gets shot, it's because you're played out, girl.

We've got to mobilize now and go after that pandering buffoon McCain before he manages to convince America's morons that his plan to continue the failed policies of Bush is a good idea.

McCain has to be stopped. NOW.


FranIAm said...

Oh girl - you amaze me.

This is a great post.I may have to rework what I posted to include a link to your zipdrivey brilliance.

So well said Karen!

karenzipdrive said...

Well, enough is enough.
When Hillary starts annoying even a diehard Hillary fan like me, it's time for her to realize she doesn't have the delegates to win, and that's including those she'd get if the DNC decides to count the Florida and Michigan votes.

Dusty said...

wow wee.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good points. I too have worried for Obama's safety, and my husband and I pray for him daily.

As for Hillary, she's displaying a stubborn streak and a lack of perception of reality that makes a bad combination for a president--as we have daily proof.

karenzipdrive said...

I won't ascribe negative tendencies to her that would be considered assets to a man, but I will say she's got to have an ego as big as Donald Trump's.
I guess she may have felt Bill owed this to her and somehow thought he'd have the power to give it to her.
Or maybe she feels she wants to ger her money's worth for the millions of her own jack she ponied up to get this job.
Whatever her reasons, she needs to learn when to fold 'em.

karenzipdrive said...

Oh, and thanks for stopping by, Ruth. It's always nice to see new visitors.

Dusty said...

Well said KZ. This election is the ONLY thing that I remember as separating us. And I don't cotton to Obama..I just haven't liked Hillary's tactics.

I heart you Ms hold on to what you believe....regardless of public opinion. I admire that about you :)

karenzipdrive said...

Dusty, the thing is, I don't think her tactics would even be an issue if she were a male.
And thanks for the props, cookie. I think we share a lot more in common than we differ.

Dusty said...

They would be to me and million of other leftwingers that abhor that kinda shit KZ.

I know the press has been tearing her down since day one, but they also made her the presumptive nominee the day she declared. The other 20 guys had to catch her according to the press.

Then, it started out bad for her in Iowa..and the press ate it up.

Thats why I think she did so well in NH..people didn't like the press piling and neither did I.

Lefties are usually well-read and intelligent folks..we have to be to rail against the bullshit in this administration. Her tactics left a bad taste in our mouth. All lefties aren't sexist...not by a long shot KZ.

It has worried me that our friendship would shatter because of my distaste for Hillary's tactics.

Thank you for allaying those fears. ;)

Fran said...

Karen~ My first vist to your blog- I like your posts on other blogs & had been meaning to stop by.
As you know, i have not been in the Hillary camp- for a variety of reasons- I don't want the same 2 families running this country for 24 years, and I felt Hill had joined the ranks of spineless dems, rubberstamping however many billions Bush asked for for the war, and torture & gitmo & other hawkish items.

But I really did think this last episode crossed the line. It is interesting to hear an otherwise staunch supporter of Hillary, come to the same conclusion.

karenzipdrive said...

Hi Fran, and welcome to my little area.

A few thoughts occurred to me just now and I wanted to add a these thoughts to my original post.

Has anyone noticed that next month America will mark the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert Kennedy?
Has anyone noticed that Teddy Kennedy was recently diagnosed with what could be fatal brain cancer?
Could it possibly be that Hillary, like many of us who were alive when both JFK and RFK were killed, has been reminded of the Kennedy legacy and their tragedies by the news of Teddy's illness combined with that 40th anniversary?
Could it possibly be that Hillary simply mentioned RFK's murder as an unfortunate stream of consciousness remark without meaning to imply that Obama's likely to get shot?
Just a thought.
The "spineless Democrats" have been hamstrung by having the slimmest possible majorities in the House and Senate.
Needing 60% of the vote to get even simple legislation passed has been hard enough. Does anyone really think the Democrats could initiate, say, impeachment procedings and get that many GOP legislators to give them a victory?

Nay, the reason I think it's time for Hillary to step down is the corrosive nature of those Democrats who have ignored her good deeds as a first lady and senator and have chosen instead to focus on areas in which they disagree with her.

With Obama being just a freshman U.S. Senator it's easy for him to swear he would never have voted to authorize force in Iraq.
But everyone, please bear in mind the GOP brought the matter up for a vote just two weeks before a huge election cycle- and Democrats who voted for it were forced to take the lies about WMD's as fact and vote to support it, lest they be looked upon by the ignorant electorate as unpatriotic, unAmerican, pro-terrorist or whatever else the GOP would tag them with.
As a woman, Hillary could not afford to seem soft of terrorism, and that's what those lying GOP snakes were selling.

So yes, it's time for her to step down because too many of my fellow Democrats have drunk too much of the Sunny Obama Deelight, and their propaganda machine has simply bested hers.

I wish she was the nominee because I doubt that Obama can carry the red states, which will go to McCain.

So, for the good of my party, I say fine- let Obama give it a go.
But he hasn't got the experience or the contacts the Clintons have... and you all can hear me now and believe me later.

Dusty said...

So yes, it's time for her to step down because too many of my fellow Democrats have drunk too much of the Sunny Obama Deelight-this really isn't fair, because most of the blogs I read say they would support whichever candidate was put up by the Dem's. And like me, some folks aren't sold on Obama either.

I realize that there are assholes out there bashing Hillary like its a fucking contest..and to be honest I stay away from the ones who pick her on daily and use nasty terms to describe her. There are Obamamaniacs but I really believe the majority of the liberal blogosphere was even handed until the 'kitchen sink' shit started in Camp Hillary.

But as always KZ, you got your pov and I got mine :)

karenzipdrive said...

People who prefer Obama seem to base their preference on what they perceive as Hillary's flaws.
I have to wonder what is is they actually like about Obama.
I still don't know what the guy really stands for, I just plan to support him because he's not a Republican.

Dusty said...

At this point I have to agree he is all rhetoric and no substance. Which is why I have not jumped on his bandwagon.

Kucinich and Edwards I could get behind..but Obama..he hasn't said exactly what he will do or how he will pay for it.

Utah Savage said...

Oh please won't someone close to her tell her to give it up. I've been writing letters to the DNC, To Hillary and to Howard Dean begging her to give up this fight before she so exhausts us all that we just don't give a shit any more. We only have so long to actualy run against McCain. Both she and Bill seem to have been endorsing McCain for his experience and credentials so long they'll be used as ads by the republicans. They have finally made me forget that I once loved them, but it's all over now.

karenzipdrive said...

Utah, I think there are many more things she and Obama share in common than there are commonalities she shares with McCain.
Tomorrow night I am going to the home of a former co-worker to watch the Spurs game. With us will be other co-workers and friends of mine who are Republicans.
Just because we like each other and get along well doesn't mean I think they aren't politically full of shit.

If Hillary happens to have civil relationships with her colleagies in the Senate who happen to be Republicans is that really such a bad thing?

And by the same token, should Obama tell all his GOP colleagues to go fuck themselves?

That sounds like something a Republican would do.

dguzman said...

Right there with ya, sister. It's over, and now she's just reaching and missing, reaching and missing. She's better than this.