Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's Flip This Around, Shall We?

Wow, Obama attracts extremist clergymen like Bush attracts Republican liars.
I guess anyone with a TV or a computer has seen by now the antics of Father Pfleger explaining why he thought Hillary Clinton's tears were real.
While I can appreciate passionate, entertaining whiggers like Pfleger and Eminem, let's just pause, take a deep breath and imagine a preacher who endorses Hillary or McCain saying similar things about Obama: "I'm Black! I'm entitled! WAHHH!"
Peoples' heads would explode.
Of course Obama stepped forward and disavowed Pfleger's antics after the horse was out of the barn. How conveeeenient.

Now let's flip it around again, shall we?

For the longest time, I thought Obama was too soft and dainty to take on the Republican slime machine.
Now that I see how he rolls, I'm relieved.
This guy is a master at dirty pool. He sends out his goons like Pfleger and Wright to say the shit he wants us to know, then he steps forward and denounces them.
Unlike his neophyte, overly ardent supporters, I do not believe I have the power to wish him into office by the sheer force of my will.
I'm more pragmatic. I want whichever Democrat who can beat McCain.
I want a mean bitch (or son of a bitch) who can play hardball against the GOP thugs & liars and win.

After all, Obama cut his political teeth only 12 years ago on the mean streets of Chicago. He nudged, pushed the rules and took no prisoners on his way to the United States Senate. He enlisted plenty of hard political muscle to help him.

He may look skinny and sweet, but this cat's a brawler.


Lulu Maude said...

There's a disturbing article in this week's New Yorker featuring a Republican dirty trickster who's just sharpening his fangs for Obama. Yesterday a library patron from Florida who summers in Vermont came in spewing all sorts of anti-Obama stuff that sounded as if he'd already begun chomping away.

My stomach's in knots.

FranIAm said...

I want whoever can beat McCain too- but I have my own and very long, thought out and pragmatic issues with Hillary.

Which makes me vaguely Obama-esqe by default, which is not anything I like to be. Default. Ugh.

This stuff bothers me - how he distances himself like this.

I think that Pfleger is a crazy-ass-mother and you do know I am a practicing, liberal, progressive Catholic. People like Pfleger are about themselves usually.

Whatever, he is who he is. It is Obama who raises questions.

That said, my feelings about Hillary, which I would be happy to discuss with you at any time, leave me so unhappy.

But never as unhappy as the idea of John in the WH.

Two two word combos for a McCain presidency...
Supreme Court
Vice President


CLD said...

Of course, Senator Obama once again did nothing to address the blatant misogyny that's been leveled against Senator Clinton, including by this douchebag preacher. Hell, Obama didn't even mention Clinton's name when he was supposedly denouncing Pfleger's stupid song-and-dance routine.

It hurts not only Clinton, but every.single.woman out there.

karenzipdrive said...

You can already hear the GOP parroting their daily talking points against Obama. They are so predictable, yet coming from McCain's tired old turtle mouth they lack much sting.
I have issues with all politicians, her included. I still prefer her, however, because I think she best represents issues most important to me.
I think he's gotten by with ten times more sexism than she has racism. Calling a female reporter 'sweetie' didn't seem to matter, either.

bigsis said...

Bill Maher should have a new rule:

No media coverage of any kind for any religious people. Photos of them praying would be okay if no one and nothing else is in the picture.

dguzman said...

I like Bigsis's proposed rule.

It's interesting that one guy can be associated with two religious wackos. I mean, I've lived a long time and in a lot of places, and I've never even met ONE such wacko.