Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blog Salad To Go

-The Democrats have out raised the GOP this year and they did it with millions of individual contributions, not via white tie dinners with mega wealthy, white, male, business moguls who expected something in return from Bush in 2000 and got it.
-Black voters favor Kerry 8-1 over Bush, proving my allegations that Bush indeed is a punk ass chump, honky cracker, and so is his mama. Meanwhile, his little brother, Ku Klux Jeb, is down in Florida torturing black election supervisors.
-Creepy Ralph Nader is getting a hand landing on several state ballots from GOP goons like Dick Armey. So much for all those bullshit independent principles he espouses. Let's face it, he peaked about the same time the oil filter blew the back grille off my brother's Corvair Monza.
-Linda Ronstadt revived her sagging career this week when her gig at the Middle East themed, hideously decorated Aladdin casino fired her for praising Michael Moore at the end of her concert.
Fux News giddily reported that much of the 4,500 person audience stormed out in protest, but they failed to mention she'd made the remarks at the end of her show, during an encore. That may have influenced the exodus, eh? Fair and balanced, my ass.
-Arnold Schwartzenneger recently called some California Democrats a bunch of girly men. Yeah right, Arnold, I bet you've had more men than I have, you big Nazi faggot.
-American troops in Iraq are running out of bullets so the feds are going to have to buy some from our allies. Allies? What allies? Maybe all those tiny countries who joined Bush's coalition of the silly can give us their extra bullets, since they've all hightailed it out of that hellhole.
-Bush was calling himself the war president, but now he's switched to calling himself, "the peace president." I guess he figured if they bought the clear skies initiative and no child left behind, he might as well go for broke. Hell, he ought to go full out and call himself the intellectual president, since he's already in maxi bullshit mode.
-Sandy Berger and former Ambassador Wilson are this week's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Poster boys. With timing even some GOP are rolling their eyes over, repugnicans are trying their best to brand Berger and Wilson as scoundrels. Alas, the public is tired of all the GOP mud slinging and nobody seems to be getting all het up over a former National Security Advisor with a few xerox pages in his attache case.
With treasonous moles allowed to remain on the Bush staff unchecked, they can roll those alleged documents Berger had into tight cylinders and Cheney each other with them.
Reminds me of Bush's pal Kenny Boy Lay trying to turn an Enron mail clerk into the cops for filching a box of paper clips.
It's all played out for those old farts.
Nobody cares about their hackneyed smear tactics anymore. They got no plans and they got no chance, so they smear the enemy.
-The most recent tally indicates 98 out of 100 American prison guards stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan have claimed Rumsfeld okayed all their pervy, sadistic prisoner treatment. But who are you gonna believe, soldiers or the man who was so jangled talking to the Senate Judiciary Committee he sounded like Mel Tillis?
Wouldn't a prison term for Rummy be deliciously ironic? It would almost be worth having to see digital pics of his saggy old ass perched on top of a manly pyramid.
-Once again, venerable Reporter Helen Thomas backed down Bush Spokesliar Scott McClellan during a July19 press briefing. Thomas asked if Bush, like Tony Blair, took responsibility for the fuckup in Iraq. Mc Clellan hemmed and he hawed, Thomas continued to land sharp jabs, then he abruptly cut Thomas off mid sentence and called on another reporter.
Pretty funny when a strapping young repugnican male can't take the heat from a newswoman who made her professional bones more than 50 years ago. McClellan is so outclassed by the veteran news hen, he can't even muster up one of those pithy quips he uses on younger liberal media reps.
Hey Scott- who's your mama, pussy boy?

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