Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Yeah, But...

Sheesh, the GOP are working overtime trying to find fault with the Democrats.

I like how they are bitching about the Democrats saying they'd ease up on Bush bashing during the convention, then whenever a Democrat mentions anything Bush has done that hasn't been good, the GOP calls that Bush bashing.
Clue: Bush has done a lot of wrong things. Mentioning them isn't bashing, it's a little thing called TELLING THE TRUTH.
If the GOP wants a clean convention, let them apply it to theirs. Nobody has heard them insisting on a clean GOP convention, without Kerry and Edwards bashing.

Other piddly GOP complaints:

--Theresa Heinz Kerry is a loose cannon on deck the nation cannot afford to have sleeping beside the President of the United States.
Clue: The GOP was all over itself trying to recruit Mrs. Kerry to run for her late husband's Senate seat after he died. Now she's bad?? Please.
--John Edwards as VP doesn't have the international experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.
Clue: GW Bush never held a job that wasn't handed him, including the Texas governorship. Besides, in Texas the governor is more of a ceremonial job, because the Lt. Governor sets the legislative agenda and wields the REAL power. Edwards was a resounding success in his professional career and a great rookie senator. He has shown the skills to learn and adapt quickly.
--John Kerry looked silly wearing that little gown and skullcap at NASA, like Dukakis did wearing the helmet in the tank.
Clue: To enter the classified area in NASA Kerry visited, that garb is mandatory. Dukakis and his infamous helmet and tank pic were a mistake.
Kerry was right to visit NASA as a potential president, and he was right to follow their guidelines for appropriate cleanwear. A more accurate comparison to Dukakis would be Bush, appearing on that flight deck wearing a pilot's costume in front of a "mission accomplished" banner. Note you don't see that photo op touted in his campaign.
It's an embarrassment, that's why, and it cost us taxpayers millions for him to stage that scene.
--Senators Kerry and Edwards voted FOR going to war with Iraq.
Clue: They were told by the administration that Iraq had WMD's and was an imminent threat. Had they been told the truth, they would not have supported it.

The GOP will be bashing the Democrats' brains out come their convention, because they have nothing to brag about, except for more skewed "projections" that attempt to take the sting out of four years of lousy leadership, horrible mistakes and misrepresentation of the facts.
When all else fails, the GOP will throw mud, scare people and beat their chests in macho displays of aggression.
But behind the curtain is a very small man of limited intellect and unlimited arrogance, protected by handlers with an agenda that panders to a few very wealthy, very white businessmen.

The Democrats have them on the ropes, and it shows.

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