Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ding Dong, the FMA is Dead.

The radical right-wing didn't have the votes to pass the Gay Bashing Amendment. Even in a GOP dominated Senate, their efforts to legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians failed.
Now Bush and his evil cronies have to find another way to deflect attention from their failed administration.
I didn't like the Bush administration before this. Now that they've shown themselves to be hate mongers and discriminators, to hell with them.
Dick's lesbian daughter Mary Cheney? To hell with her.
Twins Jenna and Barbara Bush will have a hard time getting by with doing any more tequila body shots off the bare shoulders of lesbians in Austin gay bars.
So much hypocrisy, so little time left for Bush and his gang of hate mongers.

The defeat of the FMA? One more wheel coming off the careening Bush wagon.

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