Saturday, July 17, 2004

How Much More Can One Nation Take?

The other day, I started hearing rumors the Bush regime was looking into ways to postpone the November election. It seems once word got out, the Bush tricksters backpedaled fast and gave up the idea once they got a whiff of how massive voter outrage would become.
Today, I heard on CNN that a goodly number of U.S. senators are calling for the UN to come in and monitor the November elections, to prevent ballot tampering.
When the UN has to come in and monitor elections in the United States of America to prevent the Bush boys from stealing votes AGAIN, something is horribly wrong. How embarrassing for this country to have to even consider calling in UN officials to monitor our elections, like we are a Banana Republic being run by a communist dictator.
The Democrats started this race pussy footing around and being too polite to call this criminal administration on it's outrageous malfeasance.
Thank God organizations like had the balls to call things as they saw them, and after getting such great, massive, outspoken response, the Democratic machine finally became emboldened and started doing the same thing.
I think Kerry will win. I pray he will win.
I only hope once that happens, the Senate will feel safe enough to start investigating the hell out of Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al., and start indicting them and dragging them into in courts of law for prosecution.

• Abu Ghraib prison torture was authorized by Bush and Rumsfeld. That is a war crime.
Recently they have found video footage of adult American males sodomizing teen Iraqi boys. That is a crime against everything decent people hold sacred.
• One or more people on Bush's staff outed CIA agent Valerie Plame to the media. That is an act of treason, considered a crime so serious it could warrant most severe penalties, up to and including execution. Not only is it a serious crime of treason via established laws, the Patriot Act has it's own separate provisions for punishing such acts of treason.
• Dick Cheney's Halliburton had already paid more than $6 million in fines on Iraqi contract violations for price gouging, non delivery of goods and other felonious acts against the U.S. Government, our troops serving in harm's way and American taxpayers.
Cheney still gets an annual Halliburton paycheck, and documents have proven he was indeed greasing the government wheels to ensure Halliburton was awarded no-bid, secret contracts of untold value.
• There were no fucking WMD's in Iraq, and unlike Tony Blair, Bush has neither apologized nor taken responsibility.

Now with rumors reporting Iran had ties with 9/11 era Al Qaida operatives, what's to stop Bush from invading them next?

I didn't like Nixon. I didn't like Bush 41 or Reagan, either, after Iran Contra was exposed.
But I hate George W. Bush.
He is by far the worst president in American history. He is an arrogant, dimwitted, criminal, racist with the most engorged sense of rich, white boy entitlement I have ever seen on any human being.

The other day, a married couple from Texas bought tickets to a Bush appearance in West Virginia. The wife worked for FEMA, and the couple was in W. VA so she could aid in weather disaster relief.
They wore identical T-shirts to the Bush event that said, "LOVE AMERICA/HATE BUSH"
Within moments, they were arrested by FBI agents and dragged to jail for interrogation, finger printing and other humiliating treatment, including criminal charges lodged against them.
Once they made bail, FEMA fired the wife and told them to go home to Texas.
But the now unemployed couple had to remain in W. VA at their own expense to attend the trial, because the ACLU offered to assist them in beating the ridiculous charges and unless they appeared, they would have no right to seek redress.
After some days, the charges were dropped.
But the damage had been done, and because Bush America has become a police state, their names, prints and mugshots remain on file with the FBI as potential enemies of the state.

When the Vice President can tell a ranking Senator to go fuck himself in the Senate Chambers without so much as a mild admonishment, yet two tax paying American citizens are not free to wear T-shirts unfavorable to Herr Bush, something is critically wrong.

If any of this raised your hackles even a little, PLEASE take the time to vent your anger in the form of a check to the Kerry campaign, a letter to your senator, or something. Anything.

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