Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Wonderful Feeling

Last night's opening night of the Democratic National Convention made me feel something I hadn't felt about politics in a long time. Happy.
For once, my beloved Democratic party was unified and strong during our DNC convention.
Their messages were supposed to go light on Bush bashing and heavy on promises for a better day through the leadership of John Kerry, but just by telling the truth, speakers like Presidents Carter and Clinton were able to show Bush and his administration for what they are.
It occurred to me, the need to >overtly< bash Bush is no longer a necessity.
If we simply describe his policies and values, the voters can decide for themselves whether the Bush policies meet their expectations for how the country should be run. Let's take a look.

Do you agree that we needed to invade Iraq? Despite the absence of WMD's and the 9/11 commission's findings of no Saddam link to Al Qaida, do you agree that Saddam needed to be removed "just because"?
Do you agree that the Iraqi war has been worth the nearly $100 billion price tag?
Do you feel safer now?
Do you think classified documents that justified an environment of permissiveness, negated the Geneva Conventions and fostered the sadistic torture and rape of prisoners in Iraq is all just part of the ugly business of war and should be left unchecked?
Do you agree that 1% of the richest Americans should benefit most by tax cuts?
Do you agree that a multi billion dollar budget deficit is preferable to the multi billion dollar surplus Clinton left us with? Do you think it's okay to finance the deficit by borrowing from the Social Security till and by taking out huge loans from China and Japan?
Do you agree that legislation is needed to protect the institution of marriage from gay people who want the same thing?
Do you agree that a woman's right to choose should be abridged?
Do you agree that unilateral force is preferable to courting allies in the fight against global terrorism?
Do you agree that a president and his father should have long standing, cordial friendships and business relationships with rulers of a country that spawned 14 out of the 19 September 11 terrorists?
Do you agree that 40 million+ Americans should not have access to adequate health care?
Do you agree that the global pandemic of HIV/AIDS can be handled with reduced funding and admonishments to stay celibate for optimum results?
Do you agree that veterans benefits should be cut?
Do you agree that the country needs to start again drafting our young people for military service?
Do you agree that opponents of the incumbent party should be arrested for wearing clothing that voices their opposition?

If you have reservations about any of these policies, perhaps the Democrats would serve your needs better. Some may take offense at calling Bush a crook or an imbecile, but the facts about his regime are incontrovertible.
You decide, based on the facts.

P.S. Theresa Heinz Kerry told a right-wing editorialist from Pittsburgh who had a habit of misquoting her to "shove it." Kudos to Dick Cheney for raising the vulgarity bar so high, his party hardly has the moral high ground to go on the attack against Mrs. Kerry.
Loved it!

Did you watch day one of the DNC? What did you like most about it?

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