Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Bush Buffet™

Seems like it's getting harder each day to select which area of the Bush administration to write about. With so many fuck-ups to choose from, it's like going to a $2.99 buffet and not finding anything digestible, much less digestible.
As such, I offer the Bush Buffet™.

Lotsa Luck Optimism:
The Bush regime can skew the figures any way they want, but unemployment is still too high and job growth has been too slow. For the first time since 1932, employment in the summer of an election year is lower than it was on the resident's inauguration day.
Refried Troops:
If Bush thinks pressing 5,600 honorably discharged soldiers back into service so they can be deployed to Iraq isn't an indication of poor planning, let him call the families of these retreads and ask their opinions. With more than 5,000 trained soldiers being thrown out of the service for being gay, you think any of the 5,600 recalled former soldiers would mind the queers being reinstated in their place?
Central Park Pork:
New York's GOP Mayor Michael Bloomberg may think he's being cagey by denying protesters the use of Central Park to protest the Bush administration's policies during the Repugnican convention, but when you combine hundreds of thousands of people already fighting mad with inadequate space to vent their spleens, expect an explosion. Bush may have managed to duck protesters and ignore the first amendment for three and a half years, but he never tried to muzzle them in the Big Apple. If you liked the Chicago convention where protesters took center stage and disrupted the entire event, you'll love this one. >KABOOM<
Moore, Moore, Moore:
If Michael Moore can be accused of anything in the making of his movie Fahrenheit 911, it's his use of oversimplification, emotional rabble rousing and sentimental gibberish to incite viewers to his way of thinking. He failed to list the Bush administration in the credits for inspiring his approach to story telling, and they deserved the credit.
Karpinsky Karp:
Former head of the Abu Ghraib prison, Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinsky, has so far been the administration's highest ranking sacrificial scapegoat. Now that she's been suspended from duty pending results of the ongoing investigation, she knows her name is mud and her military career has been ruined. With nothing more to lose, she's gotten in line behind other whistle blowers like the former Secretary of the Treasury, and started to pin the tail on the higher-up jackasses who authorized the use of dogs, sexual degradation and the rest of the creepy abuse we've seen.
How much more mud must Rumsfeld get splashed on his face before people realize he's dirty?
If anyone who reads this wants to make a case for Bush improving American health care, please do. We can all use a laugh. Don't forget to mention the Medicare RX card Bush palmed off on old folks, that was a classic.
Arroz con Pollo:
As if he's not busy enough, Bush has tinkered with Cuban Americans' ability to visit loved ones in Cuba. The plan cuts visits Cuban-Americans can make to their families in Cuba from one a year to one every three years. It redefines family -- aunts, uncles and cousins no longer count. New limits have no exceptions for visits to a sick or dying relative or to attendance at a funeral.
Meow Mix:
Just in case the Repugnicans think we haven't noticed the infighting and backbiting they are starting to do to one another in the legislature, think again. Just as I predicted, the smart ones are starting to distance themselves from the doomed Bush neo-cons.

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