Friday, July 09, 2004

Kenny Boy and O-Man

Gee, I wonder if Enron's newly indicted Ken Lay might be willing to spill a few beans about his buddy Bush now that the GOP has found it politically expedient to indict him?
And I hear Pakistan has started looking for Osama Bin Laden in earnest, just in time for the conventions. If Bush said Osama was considered "a non-issue" a few weeks ago, are we supposed to be wowed if he's caught just before the election?
When I read the daily headlines online, my CD port is starting to emit a vapor that smells like cow manure. Or as I like to call it, BU__SH__.
Ah, to hell with it. Tonight there's a 400-woman lesbo party here in San Antonio, and I'm blowing off politics for the rest of the weekend. Y'all fill in for me, okay?

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