Friday, July 16, 2004

Hillary Will Speak

Turns out Hillary Clinton will speak at the Democratic National Convention after all.
On Monday night she will speak, then introduce President Clinton for his speech.
Both have said she will not oppose President Kerry when he runs for his second term.
So much for those rumors.
Last night on Jon Stewart's superb "The Daily Show," they did an amusing piece on the talking points the GOP created to lambaste Vice President Edwards. Then they showed various GOP mouthpieces describing the Kerry/Edwards ticket. All said precisely the same thing: "They are out of the mainstream."
Parroting the identical line aside, what do they mean, "out of the mainstream"? Kerry and Edwards are United States Senators, how much more mainstream can they get?
It's as silly as Bush saying he wasn't a "Washington insider." By very definition, a Washington insider is someone whose proximity to the White House measures the extent of their insider status.
They also echo talking points about Edwards lacking international experience. Sure, like being a governor who'd never even visited Europe as a tourist qualified Bush.
This is just more Bush dry drunk yammer. Day is night, night is day, nothing is quite clear in Bush's brain damaged world. The phenomena of groupthink lives within this administration, and their supporters are just minions in this dysfunctional family of zombies.
Even the GOP convention illustrates this dysfunction.
After four years of the most extreme right-wing partisan "leadership," none of the GOP's staunch conservatives will speak. Bush wants to distance himself from that base. Instead, serial groper Arnold Schwartzenegger and admitted adulterer Rudy Guilliani will highlight the event.
Now, there are two GOP dudes with some traditional family values.
When I was in my 20's, I lived on Venice Beach in California.
Arnold was a body builder at an outdoor gym on the boardwalk. While I didn't know him personally, I do know a bunch of gay musclemen when I see them, and he was in the big middle of it. His chief benefactor at the time was a notorious gay guy who went on to dominate the weightlifting industry.
Once Arnold started acting, he delighted in describing his adventures in group sex, drugging and fucking like a rabbit in various magazine articles.
While the GOP in this Bush era tries to imply an aura of stability and wholesomeness, it's starting to look like a freak show.
Jack Ryan was an up and coming GOP golden boy running for office in Illinois. He had to drop out after his divorce papers described him compelling his wife to visit sex clubs with him and trying to have public sex with her in cages and on bare mattresses before an audience of fellow perverts.
• They had to stash Rumsfeld away after his Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal came to light. Now with Seymour Hersh saying he has personally seen video footage of Americans sodomizing teen Iraqi boys, he'll really have to lie low.
• Rumors are flying that Halliburton's Go Fuck Yourself Dick Cheney's "doctor" has suggested he be replaced. How politically expedient that would be.
• John Ashcroft, a devout Pentecostal who thinks house cats are the embodiment of Satan, has been downplayed and stashed out of sight once he started defying the Senate's 911 commission.
• There is no CIA Director in an era of dire National Security concerns.
• Condi Rice has been silenced ever since she refused to testify to the commission under oath, based on security concerns, then decided to testify after all, once public outrage outran her alleged security issues.
Talk about out of the mainstream.
When a liberal, open minded lesbian's sense of decency is tweaked by the GOP's outrageous double standards, that's something to ponder.
And to think, Hillary is considered controversial among the GOP hatemongers.

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