Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Another American Beheaded?

You know folks, when the headlines say stuff like that, you gotta wonder why if Bush dragged us into this war, he hasn't fought it so decisively that beheading Americans would be an unthinkable maneuver for any enemy to take.
The idea that Americans have become so inured to the rising levels of atrocity Bush's war has inspired against our people is just outrageous.
Has anyone here ever heard of Americans being beheaded at any time, anywhere in the world?
Bush and his band of out of touch cabinet members have made the grotesque commonplace.
They've all become like Baghdad Bob, saying we are making progress, saying things are getting better.
They aren't.
If you have to go to war, you have to fight to win. Just saying we are kicking ass only works so far. By now, it's obvious the only asses getting kicked are ours.
If Bush's troops can't kick ass, they should get out and accept defeat before more people are beheaded, firebombed, shot or dragged through the streets on fire.
Bush failed to get a strong coalition to help us finance and fight this unwinnable mess. Most of the 40-something little countries he calls a coalition don't even have armies.
Bush's speech to the UN today was an embarrassment to our nation.
And so is he.

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