Monday, September 06, 2004

Political Hors d'oeuvre

• If Bush's goons couldn't keep CODEPINK and ActUp protesters from infiltrating his heavily guarded convention, we are supposed to believe he can keep the country safe?
• If Rumsfeld's Pentagon can't keep Israeli spies out, we should trust him to lead our nation's defense?
• Who among us would be shocked if the Bush crowd suddenly produced Osama Bin Laden next month, just in time for the election? Someone should tell the Bush campaign the election is not like sweeps week on network TV. Too much is at stake to be toying with U.S. voters.
• When Fahrenheit 9/11 comes on video and DVD, I plan to order some pizzas, get some beer and invite neighbors over to watch.
• Did you know Dick Cheney dropped out of college?
• Why didn't George Herbert Walker Bush address the RNC?
Pick you favorites and discuss...

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