Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Suppose I Should Mention Kitty Kelley's New Book:
"The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty"

Certainly I've heard of Kitty Kelley, but I've never read any of her biographies because the people she has chosen to profile either didn't interest me, or I disliked them enough as it was without needing to learn lurid details to deepen my contempt.
From what I gather from the barrage of media coverage about Kelley's new release, the money shot of the book is Neil Bush's ex-wife Sharon's allegation that Dubya and his brother Marvin snorted some blow at Camp David, back when the daddy was president.

In fairness to Kelley, she's never been successfully sued for libel, and that's pretty telling, considering she's infamous for making outlandish claims in her books.
In fairness to the journalism profession, Kelley may be a writer, but a journalist she is not.

Having said that, I also believe Sharon Bush was plenty pissed-off enough at her Asian-whore screwing, savings-and-loan-scandal-making buffoon of an ex-husband Neil, to squeal on his equally smarmy brothers, and she probably did it before she had a chance to think about the consequences.
She allegedly told Kelley about the drug use with a witness in the room. The witness has come forward to verify Kelley's claims, but I can't recall his name because, come on, who really cares?

That Sharon Bush recanted was not surprising in the least. There's a reason not many insiders go up against the Bush clan, and it starts with a dollar sign and ends in a bunch of zeros, with a few dead rats stapled to the edges for decoration.
The damage control phone conversation probably went something like this:

Neil Bush: Sharon, what the fuck did you tell that woman?
Sharon Bush: Nothin,' I swear, I didn't tell her nothin'!
NB: Well, lissen sugardoodle, you're gonna go on CNN and Fox and all the rest of them and deny it, else your fuckin' alimony checks will get tied up in court for the next 40 years, capiche?
SB: Are you threatening me?
NB: Well, hell yeah, I am. I'm the gotdam brother of the freakin presdint, and if you fuck with my family I'll have some of Rummy's Abu Ghraib boys put a hurtin' on you, ya dumb bitch. Hell, I'll even shoot your prized palomino my own damn self.
SB: You better leave my horse alone, Neil!
NB: (whinnies like a horse) {click}(dial tone)

All that aside, we Texans have known for decades that the Bush boys liked to party like rich, spoiled, white, frat boys armed with a whole stack of get out of jail free cards.
Maybe because they were.
See, in Texas if you are a senator or congressman's kid from either party, you get to run as hog wild as you want. It's a bi-partisan, Texas tradition, and that's all there is to it.

Bush has refused to get specific about his "acts of immaturity in his callow youth prior to age 40" (callow youth ends at 40??) so we can pretty much assume he smoked some weed and did some blow, just like pretty near everyone did back in the day.

So, Kelley's book mentioning Bush and his Camp David cocaine use isn't news, it's just one more source making one more claim about Bush and drug use that we've already known about forever.
Frankly, I don't care if he snorted half the GNP of Colombia up his nose at Camp David, off the naked ass of his daddy's VP Dan Quayle, for all I care.

What concerns me most is Bush's untreated alcoholism, because years of excessive alcohol abuse distorts the user's thinking, and that distortion requires psychological and/or psychiatric treatment to fix it. Google dry drunk and read all about it. It's a serious issue that really should be addressed, because it pertains the Bush's current lapses in judgment. But I digress.

Anyway, with both sides now scrounging into ancient manure piles and fighting this election battle in the past like a court full of snippy trailer trash, it's just more hubris to divert our attention from the pressing issues of today.

Swift Boat Veterans, meet Kitty Kelley.
Now, all y'all scram and let's get back to the REAL issues of today. And take your fuckin' IBM typewriter font balls with you, ya bunch of slimeballs.

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