Friday, September 10, 2004

File under: GET OVER IT

The Bush campaign has questioned CNN's allowing James Carville and Paul Begala to continue as commentators despite their role as informal advisers to the Kerry campaign.
"It seems highly irregular that CNN would tolerate two employees' openly working and advising and appearing on behalf of the John Kerry for President campaign," Steve Schmidt, a Bush spokesman, said Wednesday.
With Fox News on the Bush payroll for the last four years, Schmidt has some colossal balls even mentioning Carville and Begala being on CNN.
Speaking of Carville, yesterday I received in my snail mail a letter from him with the envelope marked, "They sent you the wrong photo."
Last month, the Kerry campaign had sent me an 8x10 photo of Kerry and Edwards.
In yesterday's letter was enclosed a 5x7 photo of Bush and Cheney, smiling smugly at each other. Carville said if I didn't want to see those snide, arrogant faces for four more years I should send in another contribution to Sen. Kerry's campaign.
I did.
If you don't want to see those smug bastards Dick and Bush for another four years, please send whatever you can to the Kerry campaign. We simply must get rid of these criminal draft dodgers and flim flam artists who conned their way into power back in 2000.

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