Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sick of Bush

I'm so sick of reading and hearing about Bush, I may have to take a brief break from Blogging about that asshole for a while. Here's some non-Bush stuff to chew on.

• The Smoking Gun.com has some amusing videos of Victoria Gotti visiting her gangster father in the Big House, back when he was alive. Gee, he was quite the guy if you like the violent, racist, ignorant type.
• I went to a lesbian wedding at the Gulf coast town of Surfside over the weekend. Well, I went to a reception, I should say. We missed the actual vows being exchanged because some redneck cop decided to stop a suspect driving in the opposite direction by ramming his squad car into his. The wreck happened on the one road we were on to the beach where the ceremony was. The road was closed down for 2.5 hours because of this small town Deputy Barney Fife, so we missed the ceremony by 3 hours. The cops were sassy when we asked how much longer they'd be, too.
• I went to use the pool at the hotel where we stayed, but a baby cottonmouth snake was hogging the pool all to himself. Even babies are venomous, so I let him have the pool, the little serpent bastard.
• I did some heavy yardwork today and had to redo the line on my Weed Eater approximately 75 times. Someone needs to reinvent those pieces of crap.
• I was so impressed by the thousands of gorgeous pine trees I saw in Southeast Texas, yesterday I bought an 8-foot Slash Pine here in San Antonio and planted it in my front yard. Hard labor on Labor Day? You betcha.

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