Monday, September 27, 2004

The Problem Liars Have

Bush and his fiendish band of warmongers are scampering around, trying to quell rumors that a vote for Bush will result in a return to the draft, which this time will include females and exclude college deferments.
Of course they don't want anyone to believe they'll need to start drafting people- they'd lose the election.
But with the war in Iraq undermanned, existing troops on stop orders that compel them to serve sickeningly extended tours of duty, and with Bush eyeing Iran with his familiar twitchy trigger finger, where the fuck do people think Bush plans to get more troops, from his "coalition"?

Come on people, most of the tiny nationettes in the coalition don't even have armies, fer chrissakes.

Vote for Bush and you better damn well believe there will be a draft.
And draft dodgers like Dick and Bush know too well the loopholes for avoiding the draft, so they'll know to close them.

You think Bush won't lie about his intentions?
Of course he will- he lied to get us into war, he lied about us being greeted as liberators, he lied about Saddam's ties to Al Qaida, he lied about his military record, he lied about wanting to go after Osama Bin Laden.

He's a liar- that's what he does!

I wish I was of draft age. They wouldn't have to ask- I'd tell.
Of course, Bush may suddenly have a change of heart and allow queers to be drafted.
At the rate he's going, he'll have to draft pretty near anyone who's ambulatory.

And if you think he won't initiate a draft within moments of his second term, you just haven't been paying attention to what a colossal liar he is.

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