Wednesday, September 01, 2004

No Subject

Those Drunken Bush Girls:
Like Father, Like Twins

No wonder the GOP has kept them pretty much muzzled so far.
Having never heard the twins speak, I was stunned by their collective goofiness and snippy comments about their family.
To say to their mother it was "pay back time" for the times she embarrassed them as children was just plain inappropriate. These are recent college graduates? How embarrassing for UT and Yale.
I loved the contrast between the Heinz/Kerry kids and these two sophomoric imbeciles.
They should replace the fried egg in the "This is your brain on drugs" ads.

And before them was Arnold Schwartzenneger's 'Seig Heil' speech. His father was a Nazi and he's a Republican. Smooth transition.

I couldn't listen to Laura Bush speak. If I want to hear an accent as grating as that, I can go to the local Glamorama and listen to the beautician yak while she rolls my hairdo.
Holy Christ, someone needs to tell Laura the 50's are over, she can ditch the June Cleaver routine.

The best part was the audience. Last time I saw that many white folks was when the camera panned the crowd at a Utah Jazz home game.

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