Thursday, September 23, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

It's been a mite hard getting a bead on the Lopevi and Yasur tribes this time around.
So far, all I know is the boys have some deadwood like Rory the kvetcher, and the girls have too many Bowheads, as old Scout calls them.
By the way, a local lesbian activist friend tells me we probably met Scout several years ago when she was keynote speaker at a Texas Lesbian Conference we attended in Dallas.
She seemed familiar, but I'll have to take my pal's word for it. I never was much into those crunchy granola dykes like Scout.
Anyway, I'll take a stab at guessing- the Yasur girls will win the reward challenge and the boys of Lopevi will get immunity.
Who'll get the boot?
Scout is old, gay and crusty so she's a target.
Eliza is annoying and wears the biggest bow.
Dolly herds sheep and that name alone makes one think she's a cloned sheep.
Twila works too hard and might annoy the Bowheads with all that noise.
I pick Eliza. It's too early to get rid of the hard workers.

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