Thursday, September 16, 2004

Survivor: Bring On the Lesbos!

Seems the lesbo underground is buzzing with news about this season of Survivor featuring not one, but two open lesbians.
One is Dr. Scout Cloud Lee, 59, a rancher, author, former college professor and motivational speaker from Oklahomo.
With a name like that, she sounds like the star of many a lesbian potluck/hootenanny, where we all gather around the goddess fire ring and sing 'Kumbaya' while we feast on lentil loaf and hibiscus tea. Sorry, do I sound politically incorrect? Ooops.
The other is Ami Cusack, 31, who works as a model and coffee maker (she calls it a barista, I call it working at Starbucks). She's from Colorado and once appeared in a Playboy photo spread modeling swimwear (yes, I do happen to be stroking my chin, pondering that bit of news).
These two are the first openly gay women on Survivor. One would hope they are not as obnoxious as Richard Hatch or the lesser queens who've been on the show, whose names I forget.
On season one in 2000, contestant Sonja Christopher was gay but that was not disclosed until well after the show. I didn't watch much of Survivor 1, so I can't remember her at all.

Anyway- watch the premier of Survivor tonight, at 7 p.m. central on CBS.
Then come back here and tell us your impressions.

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