Friday, June 23, 2006

Back in Black

Last night, my best friend Anna took me to see "The Daily Show" Commentator Lewis Black in concert at the Majestic Theater here in San Antonio.
He really was magnificent in his comedic timing and righteous indignation.
My favorite line of the show was when he said how the next president should be chosen.
He said, "The next winner of American Idol should be blindfolded and face a map of the United States. Then they should throw a dart and wherever it lands, we should send a plane carrying a monkey with a parachute, drop him over the site and the first person who touches his hand is it."
Made sense to me.
Chances are, whomever it is would be smarter than this dumb son of a bitch we have now.
He also mentioned Bush was born in Connecticut and educated at Yale. He said we Texans got suckered in by voting for a Yankee to begin with.

Well, not ALL of us...


Karen Zipdrive said...

Lewis Black's tour, "Red, White and Screwed" can be seen on HBO, in case you're interested.

dusty said...

I need to find it and tape it then..thanks KZ :)