Monday, June 26, 2006

I Read the News Today, Hoo Boy

I used to love to read the weekly, sometimes daily news accounts of Bushian malfeasance.
Now it's just a chore.
I read about the latest scandal: the Bush government snooping into ordinary citizens' banking records, and I realized nothing will be done about it.
The tepid, left-wing NY Times mentioned it, then of course some right-wing Senator called for a treason charge against them.
There's no real news being reported anymore, unless you count the Daily Show. It's a pretty abysmal outlook when the only news outlet that even hints at the truth comes from Comedy Central.
Now I hear a college radio station somewhere in Texas has sold out to a Christian broadcasting network. Brahms will be replaced by 'Jesus is awesome' music.
From what little I know about Jesus, my guess is he wouldn't approve of the majority of hate mongers and judgmental fanatics who claim to represent his point of view.
Everything is upside down in the world today.
Peace is perceived as cowardice and war is perceived as a religious quest.
The news today makes me question the reality of karma.
If karma is real, why haven't Bush and his evil friends been struck between the eyes with bolts of lightning?


Lulu Maude said...

Karma doesn't move as quickly as we would like. Jesus is amazing. He is not to be confused with the morons who claim to be following him. It's hard to know why they consider themselves to be his homies.

dusty said...

I am so over the edge on our administration I have taken to just posting parody pics..its that or I blow my head off. It's a been a horrible weekend for me and I just can't deal with the Shrub and his asshats right I know what you mean KZ. said...

I have one thing to say regarding these so-called Christians: The Sermon On The Mount.

If they paid ANY attention at all to and believed in what Jesus actually stood for and taught, these crackpots would put away their egos and start abiding by His teachings.

Jesus' teachings are not what Christianity is today.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I am not entirely burnt out on current political affairs- just a temporary overload of meaningless bullshit.
I'll perk up once they nail someone in the Bush administration for *something*.