Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Senate Rejects Ban on Gay Marriage

Yesterday the Senate rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, dealing a defeat to Bush and Republicans who hoped to use the measure to energize conservative voters on Election Day.
Up yours, Bush.
Your one hot button issue has gone cold.
Heh. I guess the conservative voters won't have to be be wasting gas in their Impalas to get to the polls come November.


BigSis said...

And just to show you how the tide is turning on Bush, there's a great story about Texas House of Reps Warren Chism. He's the biggest homophobe that ever lived. He was dead set against "queers adopting children." In the last year or so he's been bombarded by so many loving, wonderful gay and lesbian adoptive parents and their kids coming by his office to visit, that Chism has totally changed his mind. He said he'd fight like hell to make sure gays and lesbians would continue to be able to adopt children.

Interestingly, since the gay marriage issue has burned out, the Repubs planned to bring out the gay adoption issue as the next wedge. But Chism and others have said they won't back up such a plan.

Its happening slowly, but its happening.

The Educated Eclectic said...

I apologize in advance for this long post, but I am writing from my heart, tonight, after many days of angst.

Why the “big vote” for or against same-sex marriage is no big deal to me anymore:

My love for my life partner is no less than the love of any two straight people in a committed relationship. I love her, and I we are tax-paying responsible adults. Our relationship will not attack other people’s marriages. Marriages that don’t survive are not attacked by my union; they come apart because of the two people involved in the marriage. Those that say marriage is under attack must have pretty shaky marriages, and I sure pity them living in a relationship that is so fragile.

My life partner and I have a loving and passionate relationship and to me, that is the most important thing in the world. So frankly, I don’t care what they do in congress. I know it got voted down, but since last year, I am really ambivalent about getting married anyway. Kind of funny – when I was a kid I never liked the idea of it…

While it kind of sucks to have one’s life be judged by people who don’t know me (many of whom are themselves adulterers, deadbeats on child support, and divorced - some 2 or 3 times), no matter what they do, our relationship – the union of my beloved and me – is wonderful, and it is nice to be in a wonderful loving relationship. All any of the legal stuff does means we have to pay a bit more for the civil stuff – the stuff people get when they go to the justice of the peace, or get their state marriage license – we have to pay a bit more for that than straight people do. So what?

As for the future, let them just continue to beat the issue into submission – either way it really doesn’t matter to me anymore.


Because they cannot legislate LOVE!

Just as our love doesn’t make anyone’s straight marriage any less secure, rules that we can’t file joint income taxes (or other such red tape “restrictions”) don’t diminish at all the spirit and strength of our commitment, passion, and the lives we have vowed to share together for all of our time here on earth. No man in a dress giving some “blessing” would change that anyway. I am blessed by the enduring love of my life partner, a good mind, and an interesting career. I am blessed by the volunteer work I do and the charities I support. I am blessed by my family. I am blessed by my puppy, and having the experience of having a little life dependent on me, and to live up to that responsibility.

Oh happy day! Oh blessed and lucky life!


Ian said...

Hi Karen,

I have finally managed to enrol in blogger. It has only taken me about ten attempts over a year!

Anyway, good news re the Bush backdown on gay marriage. Unfortunately his little bosom-buddy here in Australia is about to intervene to overturn civil unions in the ACT (i.e. gay marriage in the Australian equivalent of DC).

dusty said...

Hey..the asshats running the west wing will find another stupid,fucktarded issue with which to galvanize the on it.He has to keep their attention until after the Nov. primary..its been the estate tax,illegals, gays and god knows what the dipwads will pick next.

larkohio said...

I am glad it was defeated. To put something in our Constitution that discriminates against my fellow Americans is just wrong.

Lulu Maude said...

I have a partner worth marrying who doesn't think that our relationship is the government's business. We have a trust set up so that I am not to be denied access to her in a medical emergency.

I agree with Julien. Marriage for us is like handing over our precious privacy to those who wouldn't know what to do with it, anyway--who might well use it against us.

Union is born of commitment and the long, hard process of working to make the relationship endure.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The thing is, marriage provides things like certain tax and employment benefits that every adult in America should benefit by if they are married.
We pay equal taxes- so why don't they give us a discount for those benefits we are not eligible to receive?
This is not a moral issue--it's a business issue-and it's all about money.