Thursday, June 22, 2006


I am starting to really hate politics and politicians.
I wish we could just turn back time to the year 2000, install Al Gore in his rightful place as President, then move forward.

In other news, the Massachusetts legislature is debating the wisdom of school cafeterias serving fluffernutter sandwiches to students. That's a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich to you.
Why don't they just deep fry the damn things, then roll them in confectioner's sugar? Then they could coat them in butter and syrup and serve them up like French toast.


dusty said...

Jesus..thats an earth-shattering problem isn't it? Its not rocket science for gods sake....let them make it at home.

Yeah..lets take the time machine back shall we? If only we could.

kimberly said...

that sounds so good. i think im hungry.

Jade said...

Diabetes may prevent me from indulging, but as anyone from Massachusetts knows: FLUFFERNUTTERS RULE!!

Making fun of them or otherwise failing to understand their deep deliciousness is not quite as bad as voting for Bush, but it's not exactly good either.

Shelley said...

Seriously, I get that marshmallow creme, or as we in Massachusetts call it, Fluff, is not actually part of any of the actual food groups, but it's (a) no worse than what passes for "fruit" jelly in many PB&J sandwiches, (b) was invented in Massachusetts and is still manufactured here (at least, the Fluff brand is), and (c) freaking delicious when spread on bread alongside peanut butter and eaten by children young and old. In fact, I've had a craving for a Fluffernutter ever since this whole ridiculous "debate" started up a few days ago and I just might have to buy a tub of Fluff tonight on my way home. At the point that school lunches actually begin to represent something genuinely nutritious, then maybe we can discuss omitting entire categories of sugar- and/or fat-laden foods, but singling out one item, harmless in and of itself, is ridiculous. Get rid of pizza, cookies, and/or French fries, and then we can talk about Fluff.

(Can you tell we Jus are testy about our Fluff?)

dusty said...

I still have a Fluff n' Peanut Butter sandwich on occasion..but I am an old broad..not a kid in school..the damage is done already :p

Karen Zipdrive said...

Even in my wildest pre-diabetes days, I never tried Fluff or any variations of the gooey looking stuff.
It must be good though, to have not one but two Ju girls commenting on it's deliciousness.