Monday, June 19, 2006

Intolerance: Stop Tolerating It.
A Zipdrive Blogatorial

I just watched the Lifetime network's made for TV movie called, "A Girl Like Me," about a boy who realizes he's a girl trapped in a boy's body, almost from toddlerhood.
Naturally, he grows into a beautiful, cross-dressing "girl" who ends up getting beaten to death by a group of angry young male homophobes.
How much longer will it take for the trannies, the queers, the anti-war, the pro-choice, the immigrants and the rest of us who routinely get smacked around by the self righteous, so-called patriotic radical fundamentalists to get fed up and start smacking back?
The other night, I was playing online Mah Jong with a built-in chat feature. Two stupid idiots started bitching about immigrants who refuse to learn or speak English. Predictably, neither could spell or create grammatically correct sentences.
I mentioned casually that their English skills needed to improve before they could credibly debate the topic.
They both started to come at me, at which point I took great pains to ridicule and poke fun at them, humiliating them until they left the game in a huff. By the time I got through with them, most of the room was helping me out.
It takes two fools to argue, to be sure, but it seems to me civil discourse is wasted on these cretins. Maybe we should all start to react to intolerant bullies in the only way they can understand--by shoving it right back in their faces.
Can you imagine a crowd of angry Unitarians showing up at some redneck's funeral with posters denouncing his life of being an intolerant turd?
Can you imagine a little old lady smacking some brute in the face with her purse if he said the N word?
Can you picture a transvestite kicking some young thug in the nuts because he couldn't resist making lewd, rude comments?
Can you envision a young pregnant woman entering an abortion clinic and pausing to beat a protester with the stick from his own protest sign?
The other day I was having lunch with two older ladies from my Al-Anon group, one of whom is a Republican. She made some casual statements about gas prices not being "all that high," and I just couldn't help myself. I said she was so woefully uninformed, it was hardly worth the effort to discuss it.
She pressed on, so I started hitting her with some facts about Exxon/Mobil and kept at it until she relented.
Neither of us got unpleasant about it, but I wasn't willing to remain a civil little liberal and allow her to state her ridiculous GOP talking points as if they were facts.
Subsidizing Exxon/Mobil with billions of taxpayer dollars for "oil exploration" is simply a blatant slap to every face in our nation. We should no longer allow people to pretend it's okay.
People who aim to be tolerant and morally decent should no longer let intolerant, immoral people skate through statements and conversations without challenge.
The Ann Coulters and Bill O'Reillys of the world need to be put into check.
By any means necessary?
Maybe so.


The Educated Eclectic said...

Why is it a sin for the libs/dems, etc. to fight back?

Hellava post, KZ said...

great post, kz...

in general, I believe there isn't enough "hitting back." simply to keep the herd placated and undisturbed. I think if someone is misbehaving (i.e., disrespecting another person, being a complete idiot, acting like they're the only person that matters...)there needs to be some sort of plausible retailiation...

Like the asshole who double parked his Hummer in the carpool spots at the WFC the other day...I don't give a shit if you're old, I don't care if you're rich. I could care less if the piece of crap vehicle you drive takes up three lanes of traffic...what you're doing is taking advantage of other people. You're fucking up the farm and I'm going to let you know about it.

As liberal as city as this is...we have our share of egomanaical right wing crackpots who think their shit doesn't stink and I should wipe their asses.

Karen Zipdrive said...

These types with an overblown sense of entitlement are the same types who are intolerant of those less fortunate or different from themselves.
When a Hummer owner hogs two spaces, should he be shocked if someone keys his car?
Too many people love Bush's style because they are exactly like him.
Civic pressure should make this kind of arrogance about as popular as shooting the finger in church.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

How does one go about playing online Mah Jong? My mother might be interested!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Holly, have your mother check out Pogo

dusty said...

This is so good KZ. I agree, by any means neccessary..up to and including a bullet in the brain? If we kill them, we don't have to worry about them breeding.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Thanks Karen! said...

i'm all for anything that doesn't include physical violence. though i will admit that it's becoming more and more difficult to be a pascifist these days...

BigSis said...

Right on KZ! Its been my experience in the domestic violence field that violence does NOT beget violence, it often stops it. I've known many many women who finally pick up the skillet and whack back at the batterer and that stops his reign of terror. Why? Because bullies are cowards. They don't pick on anyone who may hurt them back.

I'm with you KZ, I want the R's to know that courtesy is not the equivalent of weakness.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bullies are cowards are used to saying and doing what they want without retaliation.
If more pacifists and peaceniks would just go a little ballistic verbally, it'd cut down on all the bully-shit. said...

I make it a habit to toss the Bird to every Hummer I see...