Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hey Pundits! Eat Cake!

Yeah, yeah all the polls wrote off Hillary in New Hampshire. Then she kicked ass.
So what do all the Obamatists say? They laud Obama for coming in second, as if he somehow won in New Hampshire.
He made a decent showing, but he didn't win in New Hampshire.
For Hillary to be considered by the media a dead duck on the same day as the vote, her victory was more than a simple win, it was an ass kicking.

But the great news is, we have a woman and a black man neck and neck in the race. That alone is a miracle worth celebrating. And even if something goes wrong in both camps, we'd get John Edwards. He's perfectly fine, too.

Meanwhile, war-scrambled John McCain won by a flimsy lead in New Hampshire, over that cultist robot Mitts Romney. Huckabee came in a distant third. McCain hasn't got a chance over any of the Democratic frontrunners. So we scored a double victory.

In all honesty, Obama's extemporaneous "concession" speech was sensational--a lot fresher than Hillary's statement, which she had to look down and read from notes all too often.
But her words were sincere, I think, and the bashing she took before the win may have given her a gift she needed desperately: humility.

Maybe she has found her voice.
Maybe she knows now that she can't hide in Bill's pants pocket after all.
Maybe she'll shed her Scorpio tendency to shield the real her and show us who the fuck she is.

No matter what, we ALL won in New Hampshire last night. The only way is up. Yay!


Distributorcap said...

you are right
any of the three are so preferable to the zombies on the other side

i am not a hillary person -- but she has my vote if she is the nominee...

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think a lot of people are thinking the same thing.
Who else would they vote for? McCain? Mitts? Huckabee?
Oh, hell no.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul

karenzipdrive said...

Ron Paul.
If I were you, I wouldn't put the bumper sticker on permanently. Just adhere it with a few Scotch tape circles on the edges.
You'll thank me in about a month.

dguzman said...

I was so glad she won--and so pissed off by all the "she only won because she cried!" bullshit. Sore losers!

rowdy republican said...

McCain could be Dems worst nightmare. Think about it. A white male POW senator vs tall skinny black man, reviled former first lady, schmaltzy trail attorney loser.

karenzipdrive said...

Rowdy, you've got to be kidding.

1. "Walnuts" McCain would be the oldest candidate in history.
2. He let Bush humiliate him in the 2000 primaries and didn't have the balls to stick up for himself or his adopted daughter.
3. He believes that Bush's war in Iraq was a good idea and plans to stay the course.
4. He has a notorious bad temper.
5. He has no more money, has fired most of his staff and isn't considered a serious threat.
6. His trophy wife looks like a drag queen and his adopted daughter looks like a Samoan Sumo wrestler.

Nightmare? I'd say McCain getting the GOP nod would be a dream come true for us Democrats.

rowdy republican said...

1. He is just more "mature" than Reagan.
2. Nobody remembers that.
3. He just wants to "win".
4. So?
5. After NH he is making a comeback, just wait. My PAC has raised over $500k, and that's just this week.
6. You think Chelsea is good looking?

karenzipdrive said...

1. Maturity and age are not mutually exclusive. He's old.
Besides, Reagan was totally senile by the time his reign was over. You want another old geezer jibberjabbering and drooling out of the corner of his mouth?
2. Everyone remembers it. Watch CNN and when you hear the name McCain, count the second before they mention that Bush made him his little bitch back in the primaries. Then McCain kissed his ass for the next eight years. What a pussy!
3. They all want to win, but slipping and saying he wants the occupation "to contine for the next 50 years" (like McCain did the other day) is just plain stupid.
4. A temper that cannot be controlled after 70 years of age is not a "so" it's a personality disorder.
5. Your PAC is throwing good money after bad. McCain hasn't got a chance. Sorry, Rowdy.
6.Yeah, actually I do think Chelsea is nice looking. Have you seen McCain's daughter? She's at least 275 lbs. and in shallow America, that's too much.