Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Think I'm in Trouble

My pal KT called me yesterday, urging me to rush to the house she has for sale.
She said the words, "buff colored, tiny, infant, blue eyes, kitten and adorable."
I cannot resist the lure of fresh kittens, so I rushed to the house.

And there he was. Unlike his siblings, all mutty looking tigers and dark babies, he was the one superstar of the litter. He matches my beloved James, who KT also hooked me up with back in '01.

Three cats--would that mark me as "the crazy cat lady up the street"?
Would it repulse potential new girlfriends?

The kitten is a short hair, which is a plus. He's the exact shade of buff my James is, making him look like his baby son.

Nick, my youngest cat is turning 3 this month. It's about time he grows up and learns how to deal with an infant.

Should I? Could I?

If I do I want to name him Baby Dumpling, but that's not a good name once he grows up. I like names like James and Nick. Easy to yell.


Dusty said...

Oh shit..I should of read this post before the top one..they aren't all yours..

Hey..we love cats, its a safe hobby and its not against the law..why would suitors not like you for loving three cats?
It shows your softer side I think..and I know you have one.. ;p

Shelley T said...

What about Kurt? Also, what's with you and all the male cats?

KarenZipdrive said...

Dusty, I have a definite soft side, I just like to cuss a lot.

Shelley, I like the name Kurt. I had a boyfriend in high school named that. I'll put that in the idea box.

As for me and male cats, I prefer them because they aren't as pissy & moody as females, they are easier to neuter and you can play with them like they are dogs.

If you punish a female cat, she gets even, but if a male cat has been bad, he takes responsibility for it and doesn't try to pretend he's all innocent.

duckus said...

AHHH !!! I'm DYING ! Of the Cute !!

Although at first you saying you couldn't resist the lure of fresh kittens made me afraid you were going to eat them.

Shelley T said...

Mmmmm ... fresh kittehs. Yummy.