Saturday, January 19, 2008

South Carofuckinlina??

Just how did this backwoods hick state jockey for an early primary?
Last night on Bill Mahar's Real Time, they had a gay guy travel to South Carolina to talk to voters. Even the real drunken ones love Mike Huckabee because he's such a "Good Christian."
Haven't we had about enough of born agin' Good Christians in the White House?
Huckabee was caught on video in South Carolina saying that the Bible trumps the Constitution, so when he's pres-dint, he'll be fixin' to get rid of the non-Christian parts of the Constitution so it'll match The Good Book more better.
I imagine the "separation of church and State" part will be the first to go.
Good God!
Save us from this rampant ignorance before Jesus smites us all!


Distributorcap said...

i think i am gonna open a stone store -- if Huckapoo wins there will a big run on stones to be cast at all the adulterers

Lulu Maude said...

Greetings from California, Zippie.

Last night some friends and I had a lively discussion on Who Scared Us the Most of all the Repugnican candidates. Rudy won in a walk, since he is most likely among the candidates to be abusing testosterone as does the current chimp.

Given the right's disdain for the truth, however, and the highest paid liars sitting on their side, any of them can be catapulted to creepiness that exceeds their current level.


What did you think of Nevada?

karenzipdrive said...

Nevada surprised me. I thought Obama would take the state but was please to see Hillary squeak by and grab their delegates.
I have surmised that Hillary is like analingus. People openly express disgust, but then in the privacy of their bedrooms...with just the right get the drift.

Romney's win was no surprise. Nevada is full of Mormons who love nothing better than to profit off the sinful spending of non-Mormons.
A lot of mini vans holding a lot of sister wives being told my their husband to vote for Romney made the difference.

As for South Carolina, I'm pretty shocked that Hickabee didn't win.
McCain will be easy to beat, so I hope he wins the nomination.

D-Cap, I want to go in with you on that rock store. We'll need to find a laser engraver who'll etch Jesus's face onto stones we can put in the boutique section of the store.

bigdumbsis said...

don't even ask me anymore...I'm so far behind I'm still confused about the diff between a "caucus" and a "primary." In my mind the caucus is a pre-primary. wtf is that all about?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think the caucus is the bit before the primary, where candidates and their staff try to talk people into voting for them.

Like if I'm a Democrat for Kucinich (which I am) but I don't want to waste my vote on a guy who's got no chance, I think the caucus allows me to hear what the other candidates stand for so I can make a choice.

I think.

dguzman said...

"I have surmised that Hillary is like analingus." -- it's penetrating analysis like this that keeps me coming back here.

Oh dear, I really didn't mean it like that....

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh you did, too.