Tuesday, January 01, 2008

To Tell You the Truth, Sometimes I Lie

It's the first day of the last year Bush will be in office (save for a few final days in Jan '09 when the bum starts stealing the White House silverware).
I figured it was high time I made known my choice for President.

I'm voting for Hillary.

We all know any candidate at this level of politics has to lie, cheat and manipulate to get elected by the general public.
Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that Obama's dreamy gentility or Edwards' pugnaciousness are innate qualities. They are delivering what their handlers tell them the people want.
We also know the slate of Republican candidates is a confederacy of dunces, crooks and scumbags.
Yes, I do think Hillary has lied her way to the top of the pile of Democratic hopefuls. She's pretended to be more hawkish than she is to assuage the war mongering electorate's fears. She's a chick; she has to appear tougher than any of the men in the race.
She's had to distance herself from gay issues because we all suspect she might be a little on the gay side herself (wink). We get it.
Yes, I think Hillary's penchant for faking regional accents, guffawing over seemingly nothing and her unfortunate dialectical attempt at reading an old negro
poem were cringe-worthy.
Yes, I agree that she's more slippery than greased owl shit. So? So am I.

But after eight years of criminal activity perpetrated by the Bush administration, we need a bitch in office. And I think Hillary's the right bitch for the job.

When she was first lady, we saw her scratch and claw her way beyond cookie baking and into relevance. She pioneered the concept of universal health care and was laughed at because of it. But she tried and didn't care what her enemies thought. And she lit the fuse.
As first lady, she was an open feminist. She was behind the things I was behind and she didn't try to hide it.
People hated her for it and she didn't care.
Now she has to care to get elected, so she's had to take on a patina of phoniness, just like they all have to do. So?

I was no Richard Nixon fan, except for one thing. He was a mean-spirited bastard and the whole world knew it. His foreign policy was, "Just TRY fucking with America."
And being the unpredictable, crazy, paranoid bastard he was, nobody fucked with us.

Hillary's a bitch and we all know it. But that crazy mama lion of a bitch reared a wonderful child that America can be proud of. Chelsea has never embarrassed her parents or the nation like the Bush twins did so many times. Hillary and Bill reared that kid and it speaks well of their true natures as parents...and human beings.

Come on folks- think about it. Do you really think Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Edwards would bring to the table the same skills and experience Bill Clinton would bring as First Gentleman? The man has exhibited some tremendous humanitarian and diplomatic skills post-presidency, and isn't it important to have someone help the president try to mend some of the global hatred toward American Bush has spawned?

Bill knew what he was doing when he latched on to Hillary back in college. He knew her intelligence and sense of responsibility would compliment his impetuousness and folksiness. We all know it wasn't about sexual heat- it was about finding the right mate to help him advance his political ambitions. And she may have known the same chemistry might one day help her own political aspirations. So?

I don't trust ANY politician. I'm backing Hillary because I think she has core values similar to my own. I have no interest in dissecting her every word and vote as a Senator because I know it was just a stepping stone for her anyway.

If it were a perfect world, I'd be backing Dennis Kucinich for President. But he's too honest and that shit doesn't go over with voters.

The men have had long enough to lead this nation back to greatness. It's time for a change. And I'd feel safer being a female American queer with a bitch like Hillary in office.



Anonymous said...

I don't trust Hillary to get us out of Iraq. That's issue number one. And her pandering is sickening. But not to pick on Hillary too much, none of the Democrat front runners impress me on Iraq, and I'm far from the only one with this opinion.

Ron Paul has my vote. He's the only Republican I would even consider voting for. He's dead on with regards to the war, and he's got the record to prove it. His whole foreign policy makes a lot of sense to me. Why do we still have troops in Korea, Japan and Germany? Just what purpose are they serving? I also believe Ron Paul is the best candidate to roll back the damage Bush/Cheney have done with regard to checks and balances. No more torture in my name. Bring back habeas corpus. No more illegal government surveillance.

And Kucinich likes him. Dennis or Gravel would get my vote if I was voting Democrat.

Happy New Year, Karen.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Woo Honey!
Ron Paul is a Texas Boy and lemme tell you, in spite of some of his great ideas he's also got some insane ideas, like totally dismantling social security and most other federal agencies.
He's a bitter foe of a woman's right to choose and he's no hero to the gay community.
I get a hell of a kick out of Dr. Paul because as a Texan, I like my state politicians colorful and crazier than squirrel shit.
But on a Federal level, he's way too out there to be trusted, in my opinion.
Besides, the GOP consider him their Kucinich and there is no way he'll get past the primaries. He's just too nutty.

Karen Zipdrive said...

...Plus he's a fucking Republican.

Mike said...

leaning towards obama...

karenzipdrive said...

I like Obama but I think America's thinly veiled racism is even more widespread than its thinly veiled misogny.
I'd be happy to vote for any of the top three, but I want whoever it is to have the power to beat whoever the GOP selects.

Mike said...

might be right, karen - i don't know - i don't want my vote effected by perceived electability, cause i could be way off in my assessment. you are, as usual, absolutely right - the top 3 are all acceptable candidates - and, of course, so much is wrong with the republican philosophy that i could not see myself voting for any of their candidates

Jane said...

I'm definitely voting for Hillary. Oops, I can't. But I would.

Anonymous said...

I've drifted from Michael Moore's ideas a lot over the last 6-8 years, but this is a solid survey of the top three Democrats.

karenzipdrive said...

I read Moore's letter, and like I said, Hillary has had to commit a lot of fakery to get this far.
I imagine she refused Moore's interview request because she didn't want to be ambushed- as he is apt to do.
Or maybe she didn't want to be charmed into making statements that her opponents would later bludgeon her with.
If I was a candidate, I'd avoid all the pundits from Fox News and from the ultra liberal left.
Hillary's having to do a balancing act to stay in the middle. I believe that's why she had to make some idiotic choices in her senate votes.
Moore was right when he said this race was the Democrats' to lose. I just don't want to take a chance on backing someone who cannot pull it off.

karenzipdrive said...


Plus, Hillary tends to be very specific and detailed in her replies, while Obama and Edwards talk more about concepts like hope and change without going into specifics.

bigsis said...

I totally understand but can't completely accept someone pretending to play themselves like that to get into office. Example: US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Texas). She started out as a rabid feminist, pro-choice woman who decided to play the same game as you say Hillary is playing. She spoke privately to other women politicos (both D's and R's) about how she would change things once she was in. She got in, she loved it, and then realized to STAY in, she'd have to remain a hateful bitch. Look at what Pelosi promised and what she's actually delivered.

Hillary has already accepted tons of money from the very entities whom she claims she'll clean up. The last person who reneged on promises after accepting big $$$ was JFK, and we know that didn't work out well for him.

I'll vote for a D, but in my opinion they're all weak and in cahoots with the R's.

karenzipdrive said...

Make no mistake, I realize Hillary is just another sleazy politician who's sacrificed her soul for gain.
I selected her because she's the type who, like Nixon, will cause foreign enemies like the Saudis who were behind 9/11 to think twice because they fear, not her overt but her clandestine response.

It's time for a bitch. And she's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

WOOO! Go Karen Go! I agree with everything you've said, it's so true about politics today, and it's a shame that it's so twisted and manipulated, but there isn't really much you can do about that. Unless you were to run...

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Interesting post. I'm still flailing about, which is fine, because nobody is interested in my itty bitty state.

When's the Texas primary?

Karen Zipdrive said...

We don't yet know when the Texas primary is because there are two House Bills pending to move the date from March 4 to February 5.
Take a wild guess which party was behind that idea.

bigsis said...

I just read that Lance Armstrong is strongly considering running for Governor of Texas...as a Democrat. He's been licking R asses all over the country and now he sees that the R party is eroding and suddenly he's a D. Or maybe he's figured out that the R's won't support his atheism. whatev.

I've had it with penus thinking, I'm voting for Hillary.

dguzman said...

"It's time for a bitch. And she's a bitch." -- Amen, sister. I am totally on board with your assessment, much as I despise the fact that anyone would have to sell his/her soul so completely just to get power. I just hope the misogyny in this country (just as strong as the racism) isn't such that she gets beaten by whatever fucking psycho the repugs put up.

karenzipdrive said...

Lance Armstrong had so much public acclaim when he won his last Tour de France, then he blew it by biking with that imbecile Bush.
Now he's a Democrat? Sure, in name only.
I think he's a one-nutted sleaze now. And he's an athiest? Ha. I bet he turns Methodist by the primaries.

Good luck, dude.

Anonymous said...

What's all this hatin' on Lance for? He's a cancer research advocate. He's looking for dollars for his cause, and, newsflash, Republicans have some bucks. Would you have turned down the chance to meet the president to plead for more federal research dollars? I don't recall Lance going out on the campaign trail for Bush in 2004 or him publicly supporting the war in Iraq or any of the other associated Bush/Cheney disasters. Nancy Pelosi meets with Bush. Is she any less of a Democrat? Ok, bad example. Nancy gives Bush everything he wants with respect to the war and pulls impeachment off the table.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think you'd have to be a Texan to really understand our distrust in Armstrong.
He's just a little too much of a playa, he was a little too smarmy with Bush and he talks out of both sides of his mouth.
Being a professional bike rider without any political experience is sort of like being an unsuccessful oil man without any political experience becoming Governor of Texas.
I think he'd be better suited as an executive for the American Cancer Society.

CLD said...

You can count the Princess and me in for Hillary. We decided that together and firmly about two weeks ago. We've had it with male ego, entitlement and privilege.

Yes, it's time for a bitch.