Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Trouble With Too-Early Primaries

I love politics.
I love listening to political hopefuls and trying to decipher what they're really saying versus what they want us to believe.
I've already made up my mind though, so I'd like it if the three front runners in the Democratic race would all say, "Well, I've said more than enough about what I'm for and against, so you'll either vote for me or you won't."
Then I wish they'd donate all their remaining campaign funds to something useful, like arming our troops with proper body armor, treating people with AIDS or fighting global hunger.

The idea that we have to listen to endless pundits just waiting for a candidate to make a gaffe they can pounce on for the next 10 months is overwhelming.

I am a devoted reader of the Huffington Post.
They tend to be very pro-Obama and anti-Hillary. It's galling that they are so biased, when there's a chance Hillary will win the nomination, and what then, they'll throw their support to John McCain or Mitts Romney?
I think not.

This is the first time in my political consciousness when any of the top three Democratic hopefuls would be fine with me as president.
It pains me to see them forced to knife each other just to give the media some fresh meat to gnaw.

We have a veritable pastry cart before us in the Democratic race. It was hard to make my selection, but I based mine on what I knew of Hillary Clinton before she had to phony up so she'd appeal to the vast ignorance of the electorate in the middle, whose political sentimentality is on a par with those All-American Chevrolet Truck commercials.

I'm glad I made my decision early.
Now I can spend my television watching budget on what really matters: Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor, Spurs games, American Gladiators, Boston Legal, Real Time with Bill Mahar, Dancing With the Stars and various HBO offerings.

There's no way I can handle 10 more months of televised campaign fuckery. Unless one of the candidates from either side is caught in some kind of delicious sexual or felonious scandal, they can include me out.



rowdy said...


You make a very good point about knifing each other. But you need to remember, they are POLITICIANS. Their skin IS body armor, we wince more than they when the political barbs are thrown.
You are lucky that you have made a decision this soon, the rest of us are just going to sit back and watch, wait, wince and go vote.

Distributorcap said...

and baby jake will be happy you can give him undivided attention....

can i add to your list
Iron Chef

Lulu Maude said...

Good piece on overload. Of course, I had to go in the other direction and ignore them all, which I somewhat regret at the moment.

I'm just bummed that Edwards receives so little attention. I do think he is a very appealing candidate.

Can't imagine TV as a sop for today's sorrows, but I'm in the minority here, I know.

karenzipdrive said...

Rowdy, good point about their political body armor. I keep forgetting they have to have that in order to endure the be in the race.
D-Cap, yes I forgot Iron Chef. I even like the new American version.
Lulu, I'd like to send you a little TV set and a year of cable. Like Scotch and heroin, it's an acquired taste you'll eventually crave.

zip said...

"endure being in the race."

bigsis said...

I'm on the John Edwards bandwagon with lulu. But the worst D is better than the best R so whatev.

dguzman said...

So who is Baby Jake voting for?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Baby Jake is only 29 days old.
He can barely read the Texas Voter ID card I got him last week.